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Official Video of 'Symmetries' by Paul van Dyk featuring Austin Leeds

00:00 Nov/30/1999

'Symmetries' saw the light of day already earlier in 2012. It was born out of a collaboration between Austin Leeds and Paul van Dyk. Austin and Paul have known each other for some time, they befriended when collaborating on a tune called 'New York City'. PVD stated that 'Symmetries' started when Austin had come up with a piece with drums, percussion loops and bassline.

Austin sent this near-complete backing track to Paul who used his own methods to develope the track further. He elaborates: "At the start of 'Evolution's production, I assembled this kind of hybrid studio set-up which I could take into clubs. Through keyboards and effects boxes, it allowed me to work in pretty much any type of new element you can imagine to a track. I'm not sure if my audiences realized it at the time, but they were essentially interacting with the music making process of 'Evolution'. Their reactions were showing me which direction each of the tracks should take. It's a very new discipline, and it basically hazes the line between studio and club. The music made in the studio is, to the very great degree, designed for the club, so it is a very natural progression to work this way."

Dyk added a piano hook he had in mind. Playing the riff, bringing the two parts together, he saw that it should be adjusted to a bit lighter vibe. This is how the catchy tune was made. Now there's a cool video to accompany the contagious piano line and refined bass. Go on a trip with an eccentric crew and explore the dried out lake looking like Tatooine from Star Wars.

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