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00:00 Nov/30/1999

L.A.O.S isn’t as widely recognized as they should be, they’re only #3037 in The Official Global DJ Rankings. Among drum’n’bass lovers the finnish group is held in high praise. Considering this years releases, the group may be on the rise! L.A.O.S. actually stands for Large Amounts Of Soul. Consisting of three oldschool DJ’s D-Bex, DJ Abraham and JayEM, the collaboration has proven to be a fruitful one. There’s a whole variety of releases under labels like Hospital, Raw Canvas, Spearhead, Defunked and Midnight Sun Recordings.

Over the years they’ve been recognized with support by London Electricity, DJ Zinc, Blu Mar Ten and Annie Mac on BBC Radio1. They’re most well known for the ’endangered species step’ track ’Panda Style’. As well as pumping positive d’n’b energy into your veins, you’ll learn that:’Pandas are chinese, they like bamboo, they’re very cuttly-looking, many attempts to breeding pandas in captivity has proven fruitless.. However, when in the wild, they do it panda style!’Check out the track below.

The group consists of veteran DJ, who decided to start producing music together in 2002. Their musical tastes form a homogeneous mix being exceptionally identical. Thanks to the groups superb dynamic, the end-product is always something melodic and dancefloor oriented, but never exactly the same. They’re not a group that would define itself by any particular sub-genre. For example, ’Back No More’, one of the best tracks by the group for sure, doesn’t have much to do with the style cultivated in ’Panda Style’. Only thing these two pieces have in common is that they’re both off the hook!

These tracks are known among d’n’b fans all over the world for quite some time now. Until the spring of 2012, there hadn’t been much news regarding L.A.O.S. After 4 years of work, they finally released their debut album ’Finally’ from the label Bass=Win. And have since received nothing but positive feedback for the energizeing effort. Listen to the set with some of the album’s highlights mixed in with true professionalism.

The tracks crafted for this one aren’t influenced by the trends, but rather the group’s history in breakbeat. The dedication and love for music is represented in the album with impeccable quality. ’Finally’ was started after fans had constantly asked for a full album instead of LP’s and EP’s. However, the works between 2005 and 2012 consisted of more tracks than those released. So recently, L.A.O.S has released their overflowing mass of soulful tunes free of charge as ’Retrospective’. Listen to all the beats and basslines from the album mixed together in a set, that can’t raise nothing but positive vibrations in your soul!

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