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Become a DJ in Ibizain 'Be the DJ' by Olmeca & Steve Aoki

00:00 Nov/30/1999

How would you like the possibility to become Mixmag’s resident DJ in Ibiza? Olmeca tequila teaming up with Steve Aoki have started the competition ’Be the DJ’, where contestants compete for the vacancy in Ibiza, one of the world’s greatest party destination.

The task is simple: present your remix of Aoki’s hit track ’Come with me’. The competition is in high gear, remixes are coming in bunches. However, there’s two tracks to be lifted so far. Listen to the tracks below! If you think you could spice ’Come with me’ better yourself, there’s time until November 22. Get started in the Olmeca Facebook app!

This powerful and raw remix is produced by Joey Miccrilley. Aoki will appreciate this one for sure!

This one's done by Tom Schuster. The remix is on the other end of the scale a far softer but nevertheless impressive stuff.

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