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    Location:New York, United States
6862 official dj-rankings.com

United States



thugfucker is a DJ from United States

thugfucker is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 6862 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Thugfucker 6 hours ago:
RT @nihilist_arbys: When you say “god, I just want to die” you mean m you want to sleep and wake up in a new situation but I got funny news…
Thugfucker 19 hours ago:
@steak_umm Science says stop eating low quality beef sheets... check, mate. 😘
Thugfucker 2 days ago:
@ScubaOfficial Arizona Dream
Thugfucker 3 days ago:
@ioiflower His book on writing is super cool ;)
Thugfucker 4 days ago:
I can’t help but thinking that somewhere, Quiet Riot are feeling quite flattered right now. https://t.co/JwjVI2kAHi
Thugfucker 4 days ago:
@DJHeidiLawden @ErisDrew Seconded!
Thugfucker 6 days ago:
@RickDoblin @MAPS Congrats Rick and thanks to you and the team for all the amazing work!!
Thugfucker 7 days ago:
@MattBowdler Hahahahahahhahahahahaahhaa
Thugfucker 7 days ago:
RT @djheather: #TShirtTuesday 💉 https://t.co/qZP4OPg8x0
Thugfucker 1 week ago:
@MattBowdler Aren’t you in the UK? Isn’t the next working day June 21st? 🤪😂
Thugfucker 1 week ago:
@ioiflower @djmarkfarina Taylor Swift
Thugfucker 1 week ago:
RT @darkentriesrecs: “Music is a very personal thing. How you deal with your music is very closely linked with how you deal with your life.…
Thugfucker 2 weeks ago:
RT @sgrstk: Let's normalize not needing everything to be normalized. Accept the fact that you're different, unique, or fucking weird — and…
Thugfucker 2 weeks ago:
@FourTet Kids these days...
Thugfucker 2 weeks ago:
@toddedwards3000 Class and style, always... 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Thugfucker 2 weeks ago:
Antique Roadshow + Happy Days = Joanie loves Tchotchkes
Thugfucker 2 weeks ago:
@blucu This must be one of those crypto NSFW’s that I’ve been hearing about...
Thugfucker 2 weeks ago:
RT @tabsout: Theremin for Assholes https://t.co/ipPiY8fNCz
Thugfucker 2 weeks ago:
@MattBowdler They say Bugatti. 🥸
Thugfucker 2 weeks ago:
@redrackem Try wading into the realm of nice Japanese teas... healthy and enough depth in there to get lost for a while :)

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