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Skratch Bastid

Skratch Bastid
    Genre:Hip Hop
    Date of birth:1982-09-02
1084 official dj-rankings.com




skratch bastid is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

skratch bastid is performing within the field of Hip Hop music and is ranked 1084 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

skratch bastid is 38 years old, and his zodiac is Virgo.

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Bastid. 1 hour ago:
RT @A_SKILLZ: Streamraiders starting NOW let’s go! @SkratchBastid @DJYodaUK @thenextmen https://t.co/bXpWA98pS1
Bastid. 2 hours ago:
RT @snootiecrunch: Twitch isn't just for gaming...it has become my go to for DJ sessions by some of my absolute favorites in the world. @S…
Bastid. 3 hours ago:
#DiscoCapitale Streaming is fun Come see me https://t.co/NPdVR5VTNC https://t.co/wmsTO9errz
Bastid. 7 hours ago:
RT @afropunk: Wishing Stevie Wonder an incredible birthday today! 🖤🖤🖤 https://t.co/lUurPnwgeC
Bastid. 8 hours ago:
@BVAX It's a weird one to explain, but if you feel it you know!
Bastid. 17 hours ago:
My thoughts of "who's the best" of anything almost always end with me thinking of the Nas line in Ether where he re… https://t.co/AlrNsSCvXM
Bastid. 17 hours ago:
RT @djwallysparks: The answer is always DJ Jazzy Jeff. https://t.co/5cl5j6F1hm
Bastid. 18 hours ago:
RT @DJMarcusLee: @djjespinosa @FOURCOLORZACK @SkratchBastid https://t.co/QaizpI7eni
Bastid. 18 hours ago:
@DJMarcusLee @djjespinosa @FOURCOLORZACK sheesh! Thank you Marcus. You are appreciated
Bastid. 1 day ago:
RT @JessMMMoran: Happy Wednesday! What's on your playlist?? @SkratchBastid @smacdonald10 @JacquiChilds @DrKoolsHanna @OmarYKhan @Shuk_It_Tr…
Bastid. 2 days ago:
RT @JacksonRickun: 1. I'm Jewish and went to a Zionist school for the first 14 years of my life. What's happening in Israel and Palestine h…
Bastid. 2 days ago:
RT @Dart_Adams: Look at the Hot Rap Singles chart from 30 years ago today. How many of these 30 singles are considered legitimate classics…
Bastid. 2 days ago:
@Your416 @RoweFarms @FarmBoy great food beers
Bastid. 2 days ago:
@Your416 @RoweFarms @FarmBoy looking fire but I'd go for diff beer
Bastid. 2 days ago:
@Platurn I see it daily on stream. I agree with @djaudio1, it's the amount of hours people are streaming / practici… https://t.co/Zru918oysI
Bastid. 2 days ago:
@PattiCage Patti! love having you in the cafe. merci!
Bastid. 2 days ago:
RT @calicoSEA: Love starting off my Tuesdays here ☕️ 😋 https://t.co/Xragz2EqC1
Bastid. 2 days ago:
RT @_legenddairy: This man @SkratchBastid be going CRAZY 🔥🤯
Bastid. 2 days ago:
RT @deejaymaurice: @SkratchBastid u la la 🌶️🎧🎤 love you bro! https://t.co/GXViV1qbAB
Bastid. 2 days ago:
@djday YES GUY

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