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    Location:Dhaka, Bangladesh
10128 official dj-rankings.com




russell john is a DJ from Bangladesh

russell john is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 10128 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Russell John 15 hours ago:
@maqtanim 😂😂
Russell John 2 weeks ago:
Completed my 💯 km walking challenge in 4 weeks! 🚶‍♂️ https://t.co/gma0uyFN1y
Russell John 2 weeks ago:
@batashoes @BataBangladesh That's great! I emailed them earlier detailing the issue, unfortunately they never repli… https://t.co/dYXJKCNgfq
Russell John 2 weeks ago:
Found malicious payload on e-commerce site of Bata Bangladesh. Screencast: https://t.co/myyw0BTCgW
Russell John 1 month ago:
Day 7 of my 💯 km walk challenge in 30 days. Not easy in a city infested with reckless drivers and inconsiderate peo… https://t.co/ymgTjr7lyI
Russell John 1 month ago:
@maqtanim Sure, check DM.
Russell John 1 month ago:
@rezbd Link sent via DM... you're not on the list though. https://t.co/HIaAu7Njcj
Russell John 1 month ago:
I'm not on the list of 3.8 million Bangladeshi Facebook users whose data got leaked. They don't look much useful to… https://t.co/YDkEUZCXB3
Russell John 1 month ago:
@munajpatowary1 Yes, it's an oil painting. 🎨
Russell John 1 month ago:
Cupid and Psyche (1817) by Jacques-Louis David. There are two butterflies in this painting: one above the slumberi… https://t.co/KYwDMGOJdX
Russell John 1 month ago:
RT @Bangladesh: 50 years of independence of #Bangladesh! Long may our flag wave! 🇧🇩 https://t.co/ATsZLfc01b
Russell John 3 months ago:
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary https://t.co/Et85iONRLh
Russell John 4 months ago:
Already recovered, thanks everyone who offered help. 🙏
Russell John 4 months ago:
My dormant account @BDnews got hacked even after having 2FA enabled. Urging you all to remove phone numbers from yo… https://t.co/sUySo2MRPF
Russell John 4 months ago:
Hoping for a better new year! 🥂 https://t.co/VpuIrfghxa
Russell John 5 months ago:
Found out that it was a bent pin on CPU socket that was causing a RAM slot to fail. Wifey sorted it out with a toot… https://t.co/nNWodQBw0Y
Russell John 6 months ago:
Supreme commander General Linus. 🤺 https://t.co/71KCAYWj2v
Russell John 8 months ago:
@maqtanim @firefox My only reason to use it will be website UI testing.
Russell John 8 months ago:
Creativity isn't limited to artistic endeavors. Coming up with ideas, theories, or new ways of doing things is also being creative.
Russell John 9 months ago:
To whom it may concern: Email is my primary communication medium and the fastest way to reach me, there is no need… https://t.co/IgI8gMiRLx

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