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    Genre:Electronica, Traditional House
    Date of birth:1989-01-16
1218 official dj-rankings.com




kiesza is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

kiesza is performing within the field of Electronica, Traditional House music and is ranked 1218 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

kiesza is 31 years old, and his zodiac is Capricorn.

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Kiesza 2 hours ago:
@piperlastrega I seriously know this so well. Sending hugs
Kiesza 2 hours ago:
Any time I need perspective on life, I just put on March of the Penguins.
Kiesza 2 hours ago:
@stouffers We get each other 😎
Kiesza 12 hours ago:
RT @PopCanVibes: Support #CanadianMusic and enjoy Sound of a Woman by @Kiesza on @PopCanVibes at https://t.co/FsvGc6Ra0N Thank you #Canadia…
Kiesza 12 hours ago:
@stouffers I don’t understand why doctors don’t prescribe it
Kiesza 12 hours ago:
@alex_kidd1985 Always
Kiesza 23 hours ago:
Mac and cheese is healing
Kiesza 1 day ago:
RT @KieszaIT: Halloween sta per arrivare e la nostra @Kiesza ha una sorpresa per noi. #StayTuned 👀🎃 https://t.co/p93lQakXVQ
Kiesza 1 day ago:
@WestonDion Will do!
Kiesza 1 day ago:
@brittlestar Hahahahaha love you
Kiesza 1 day ago:
Literally all I can think of today is how badly I want to put on thick flannel go snowshoeing
Kiesza 1 day ago:
Low key all the music this fall is beyond epic
Kiesza 1 day ago:
@fmg_nokia It’s actually an insane story that 90% of people wouldn’t believe.
Kiesza 1 day ago:
I went to bed at 7am. Raise your hands if you’re also a functioning insomniac 🙌✋🤟
Kiesza 1 day ago:
Baby...I was born in a yellow submarine @ New York, New York https://t.co/9so6YqFdTG
Kiesza 2 days ago:
Life is a gigantic grey area
Kiesza 2 days ago:
Guys should I get a nose ring? Been thinking about it.
Kiesza 2 days ago:
This Halloween... Mistress B returns! https://t.co/ZmEse2iFLY
Kiesza 2 days ago:
@ToEhrIsHuman Ummmmm ... not really but vinyl isn’t about mixing it up. It’s about keeping it classic 😉
Kiesza 2 days ago:
@mrpwhitley ❤️🙏

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