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    Genre:House, Open Format
    Location:Seattle, United States
19311 official dj-rankings.com

United States



defcon1 is a DJ from United States

defcon1 is performing within the field of House, Open Format music and is ranked 19311 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Damon Kaiser 1 day ago:
RT @DanRather: Why is the Trump White House suddenly a very polite place to work? Everyone’s going around saying “pardon me.”
Damon Kaiser 3 days ago:
The. National. Review. https://t.co/BB8Nn5fb8Q
Damon Kaiser 4 days ago:
Just watched the #Psych episode 100 Clues, and the Amazon Prime version isn't the audience voted ending that origin… https://t.co/uT2Ki3O8Gm
Damon Kaiser 6 days ago:
@DepressedDarth Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope because it BUTCHERED the original for the sake of crap CGI guised… https://t.co/eDhbAauczC
Damon Kaiser 6 days ago:
Watching the Facts of Life where George Clooney is stood up by Blair and takes Jo out instead. He's always #winning
Damon Kaiser 6 days ago:
Yeah, it was pretty much perfect. https://t.co/haiuDSBvFf
Damon Kaiser 7 days ago:
RT @solomongeorgio: We should gaslight Trump and say he was never president
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
Happy Thanksgiving!!! #kuchen https://t.co/SY0PzZ9oZu
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
@janemarielynch That delivery... I miss emo phillips too.
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
@th3j35t3r You're terrible at debugging if you forget to hook up the doll.
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
@Joel_K_Kramer The additional mass would make for epic #micdrops
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
In an oddly ironic 5-4 ruling, ACB sides with assisted suicide in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions in New York https://t.co/47yYbHMTyT
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
I somehow feel that wide-lens type of perspective/view is being overlooked too often.
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
Even if by some miracle the president manages to throw away the selective ballots he is requesting, what type of a… https://t.co/uyswziIO2e
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
@sarahcpr Homer Simpson once bought Marge a bowling ball engraved with his name. You'll be fine.
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
@PrEssHa_ I'm so sorry. I don't know what I will do when my father passes, and I can only imagine how difficult it… https://t.co/iVL3MYxxOy
Damon Kaiser 1 week ago:
@Joel_K_Kramer UT, the only W that Vanderbilt can mark before kickoff? Wow, has it really declined that far? Is th… https://t.co/LGX2uSZDjb
Damon Kaiser 2 weeks ago:
@bigd_o_cycler @yungsids Well, it IS a remake of Taming of the Shrew. Kinda hard to mess up a Shakespeare tale.
Damon Kaiser 2 weeks ago:
Google reminded me that two years ago, Thanksgiving was on my birthday. https://t.co/m9YbSZX4yt
Damon Kaiser 2 weeks ago:
Snap poll: If you had to choose, would you rather be William Berger or Carlton Lassiter? #psych vs. #perrymason

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