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    Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:San Francisco, United States
    Date of birth:1971-02-25
37 official dj-rankings.com

United States



kaskade is considered one of the best DJ brands in the world

kaskade is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 37 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

kaskade is 49 years old, and his zodiac is Pisces.

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Steve Aoki 20 hours ago:
yeeeeesh late night crowd is just getting younger and younger. BIB out now!!! https://t.co/3F7VQVkar3 @whoskid… https://t.co/dEdCUongFk
Steve Aoki 21 hours ago:
RT @agoodonemusic: MT11 on A GOOD ONE @xMT11x - https://t.co/nkT3yd7gdg https://t.co/1kvkswqEUy
Steve Aoki 1 day ago:
Secrets out. The real reason why I have long hair 👂👂 https://t.co/1j2B9qbEQ9
Steve Aoki 3 days ago:
RT @dimmak: "BIB" is in @Spotify's Friday Cratediggers & Dance Rising playlists!!! 🙌 cc: @steveaoki & @whoskid https://t.co/MUAPO1Sx13
Steve Aoki 3 days ago:
RT @TheEDMNetwork: [email protected] and @whoskid take us on a wild ride 😍 https://t.co/SH80o6tJdE
Steve Aoki 3 days ago:
I just watched the most amazing and sleek fashion show I’ve seen in YEARS!! #ZegnaFW21 was incredible. Here are my… https://t.co/RYKl1AeXlX
Steve Aoki 3 days ago:
RT @dimmak: "@steveaoki and @whoskid Deliver High-Octane Rave Track 'BIB'" - @TheEDMNetwork https://t.co/0GAO77BX9D
Steve Aoki 3 days ago:
RT @dimmak: "BIB" is in @AppleMusic's New in Dance & Heavy Hitters playlists!!! 💥 cc: @steveaoki & @whoskid https://t.co/G6hniLkmTB
Steve Aoki 3 days ago:
love the love!! check out this vid I did for @melon about #FavBoyz #ACE @official_ACE7 @badboythut 🙌🙌🙌 https://t.co/icVMVqdnKX
Steve Aoki 3 days ago:
My brother my best friend it’s ur fucking birthday today & ur ooold!! Hahaha! I can hear u laugh & I know ur laughi… https://t.co/Tudnt1yasA
Steve Aoki 3 days ago:
RT @whoskid: BIB w/ @steveaoki IS OUT NOW! https://t.co/TDLCAJlgBu https://t.co/sw8ZVhbtdw
Steve Aoki 4 days ago:
PREMIERE TIME!!! BIB w/ @whoskid video is live now!!! https://t.co/Yr0tmN3ca6 https://t.co/xmqcQskn7o
Steve Aoki 4 days ago:
@H2ODelirious Follow @aokiscardhouse on twitter and IG for info on the new breaks!!
Steve Aoki 4 days ago:
live on https://t.co/AHtIBPHTWB ripping some POKEMON CARDS!!!!! Fossil + Unlimited Base
Steve Aoki 4 days ago:
Dropping at 9pm PST tonight! My brand new track BIB w/ @whoskid. Make sure u watch the music video on YouTube. It’… https://t.co/NZQtpMwSle
Steve Aoki 4 days ago:
RT @amazonmusic: [email protected]_ACE7 wants to keep you dancing well into 2021. Listen to their latest track #FAVBOYZ with @steveaoki and @badbo…
Steve Aoki 4 days ago:
RT @djSandroSilva: Sick! One of the biggest tunes in 2020 https://t.co/p8KrTkt1nk
Steve Aoki 4 days ago:
RT @oldmanebro: Today’s Discovered on @AppleMusic artist is Mexican “anti-boy band” @aquihayaquihay with their track “Muack,” remixed by @p…
Steve Aoki 4 days ago:
RT @dimmak: Since 1996 - https://t.co/eRkvLp8WXH https://t.co/L9KZyXrVx3
Steve Aoki 5 days ago:
RT @dimmak: “2021 is gonna be a movie” 2021: https://t.co/RCp0Wh0OBK

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