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    Genre:Electro House, Progressive House
    Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
    Date of birth:1981-01-05
36 official dj-rankings.com




deadmau5 is among the top DJs in the world

deadmau5 is performing within the field of Electro House, Progressive House music and is ranked 36 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

deadmau5 is 39 years old, and his zodiac is Capricorn.

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Goat lord 19 hours ago:
tonight :D https://t.co/wg2TvbNRXr https://t.co/2OZbbVT3J4
Goat lord 1 day ago:
RT @Kiesza: Sensuum Defectui is available NOW on all streaming services! https://t.co/tCW3H0aSzu https://t.co/BEAQ0UYW1o
Goat lord 1 day ago:
:D https://t.co/pTIKM6gXP9
Goat lord 1 day ago:
Chicago!! …a quick confirmation @Kiesza will be performing the new single “Bridged By A Lightwave” next week; out s… https://t.co/94gXoWuYyR
Goat lord 1 day ago:
welcome to mainnet... w/ mau5, tonight at 6:30pm PT. rsvp at https://t.co/wg2Tvbwh5T https://t.co/bS6UQI6LNk
Goat lord 2 days ago:
merch drop tomorrow :P @mau5hop https://t.co/qFUg0HPjoz
Goat lord 2 days ago:
#tbt 2015 :D https://t.co/Gr22EhZeX2
Goat lord 3 days ago:
Goat lord 3 days ago:
@Kiesza :)
Goat lord 3 days ago:
let’s gooooooo!! :D @Kiesza @mau5trap @DeanwWilson @ChrisDSchroeder https://t.co/lh3qRy4H43 https://t.co/FzM4ujuyl3
Goat lord 4 days ago:
we’ve got a feeling about @AudiusProject…. come and say hi on friday :D https://t.co/wg2Tvbwh5T https://t.co/xJYWL79zhZ
Goat lord 5 days ago:
#dayofthedeadmau5 Atlanta and Chicago 31st are about to sell out!! thanks guys <3 check https://t.co/lh3qRy4H43 for… https://t.co/b7X304QZga
Goat lord 6 days ago:
low tickets for #dayofthedeadmau5 :P got yours yet? https://t.co/KIZSn6jY9g https://t.co/KFNvz5elxl
Goat lord 1 week ago:
#dayofthedeadmau5 is two weeks out?! quick update… premium spaces for Chicago 30th just sold out :P check… https://t.co/3JIYt6PUo8
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
*update: premium spaces for #dayofthedeadmau5 Chicago 30th are about to sell out :P grab last ones here:… https://t.co/X5DQy6eXft
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
#dayofthedeadmau5 limited tickets for Atlanta and Chicago available at https://t.co/KIZSn6BzxQ :D video credit… https://t.co/2ijwJhhdNv
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
RT @Razer: Join us now for some Ghosts 'n' Stuff as our #RazerCon2020 after party headliner, @Deadmau5, takes the stage with an insane Raze…
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
RT @Razer: Couple more hours left until @deadmau5's special Razer set designed specifically for #RazerCon2020 and all of our fans. Be sure…
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
the 3 week countdown for #dayofthedeadmau5 is ON....!! and we’ve got a low ticket warning for Oct 31st in Chicago -… https://t.co/A1JAgvyRKp
Goat lord 2 weeks ago:
mau5 x @Deezer x @ADE_NL https://t.co/gaaF4oK2ku https://t.co/KQWPpYpc0v

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