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    Genre:Tech House, Techno
    Location:Milan, 09, Italy
429 official dj-rankings.com




uto karem is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

uto karem is performing within the field of Tech House, Techno music and is ranked 429 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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UTO KAREM 3 days ago:
When we could play & party, memories from One 7 Eleven (BA) 🔥🔥 wish you all a great weekend 🙌 #utokarem #gigs… https://t.co/kFcDqEazZC
UTO KAREM 5 days ago:
Rest in Peace Campeón!!! ❤️ #maradona #legend https://t.co/j8q7ML77T5
UTO KAREM 7 days ago:
Check out my latest interview with @ala.house @total_underground #utokarem #agilerecotdings #techno #chat… https://t.co/qW6CPaX7fz
UTO KAREM 3 weeks ago:
We live, we work, we travel for moments like this @ Sonorama, Medellin (CO) #utokarem #ontour #medellin #colombia https://t.co/aPyj9odDUC
UTO KAREM 4 weeks ago:
"Seeing Yourself" is the third track from my new release "Watching Stars" on Agile Recordings and closes out the EP… https://t.co/ukVyB01ryH
UTO KAREM 4 weeks ago:
"Stay Awake" is the second track from my new releases "Watching Stars" . The intention behind this track was to slo… https://t.co/H6E1s0NuFj
UTO KAREM 1 month ago:
My new three track EP. "Watching Stars" is out now on Agile Recordings. 🔥🔥 The idea behind this track, was to build… https://t.co/6cyqCKC6Wa
UTO KAREM 1 month ago:
My new 3 track EP. "Watching Stars" is landing this Friday on @agile_recordings 🚀🚀 Listen & Pre-order with link in… https://t.co/AqRnwk07AU
UTO KAREM 1 month ago:
Have you heard my new track "Zero Gravity" It's out now on Reinier Zonneveld's Filth on Acid. Stream & Download Be… https://t.co/OB6glMvvbv
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
RELEASE DAY: ”Zero Gravity” is out now on Filth on Acid 🔥🔥 Listen & Download: https://t.co/JAAx3422tH #utokarem… https://t.co/YiHQeZ1dIS
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
L’estate addosso 🌊🌞🔥 @ Baia di Trentova https://t.co/GLasSHZKrl
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
“Zero Gravity” is my new track coming soon on @filthonacid 🔥🔥 #utokarem #techno #release #filthonacid https://t.co/dIRS40Qk5t
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
Just noticed I have over 3 million plays on @soundcloud 🔥🔥 Thanks for the great support!! ❤️ #utokarem #soundcloud… https://t.co/qWWM7qmZA7
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
This summer I had the chance to play for a special open-air event at the airport of Maribor, Slovenia. It was great… https://t.co/yBUg0sHwaT
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
Happy to be part of the new Filth on Acid ”Stamp Collection 2” collected by Reinier Zonneveld Stay tuned...… https://t.co/gFCuAQHoC4
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
In case you missed it, you can now re-stream my set for Electronic Labor Day & Beatport ReConnect 'For Beirut' We h… https://t.co/YL1EAKHIM4
UTO KAREM 2 months ago:
Just posted a photo @ Italy https://t.co/Az34vILica
UTO KAREM 3 months ago:
Thank you all for watching ❤️ The fundraiser continues with many amazing artists, please 🙏 donate to support Beir… https://t.co/YqJiBZ6zfp
UTO KAREM 3 months ago:
Join us tomorrow for a very special fundraiser stream to help the people of Beirut, together with myself & many am… https://t.co/Dr893fx5J9

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