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    Genre:House, Tech House
    Location:Washington, DC, United States
    Date of birth:1970-01-12
437 official dj-rankings.com

United States



sharam is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

sharam is performing within the field of House, Tech House music and is ranked 437 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

sharam is 50 years old, and his zodiac is Capricorn.

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Sharam 9 hours ago:
Tyler Herro Jerseys about to be sold out in 1, 2, ... GONE! #Herro
Sharam 10 hours ago:
Here we go again with Boston sloppy play at the end of the game - c'mon man!
Sharam 10 hours ago:
Tyler Herro is the new Steph Curry
Sharam 11 hours ago:
Interesting thread https://t.co/SXe07WbhuA
Sharam 1 day ago:
RT @DesertHearts: Your week on DHtv sounds like... https://t.co/oODpqoHSVL
Sharam 1 day ago:
RT @rinzenmusic: So I'm taking over the @DesertHearts live stream on Saturday and have curated a very special lineup of talent Honored to…
Sharam 2 days ago:
@therealsebleger But I agree that in electronic music the practice has gotten out of hand and reached new levels.
Sharam 2 days ago:
@therealsebleger 😂 I hear what you saying. Just saying it’s not a new phenomena. Whitney Houston could sing her hea… https://t.co/90Ff7J6h3T
Sharam 2 days ago:
@therealsebleger This actually happens in pop music and hip hop all the time.
Sharam 2 days ago:
@gregortresher That's an album cover all the way 1000% Ask your fans to come up with a name for the album and then carry on making it 🤗😂
Sharam 3 days ago:
Sharam 3 days ago:
Cam is gonna be just fine as a Patriot. We need a Cam vs Brady Superbowl (I'll take Cowboys - Patriots Superbowl too) 🤗
Sharam 4 days ago:
Another classic. A mostly unknown one. Was huge for me. https://t.co/Z6GULbxkTi
Sharam 4 days ago:
Boston is like please take this game again. 3 missed layups in a row? #CmonMan
Sharam 5 days ago:
Wouldn't be ironically beautiful if a @celtics was a key piece in @Lakers getting to the NBA finals? #Rondo
Sharam 5 days ago:
Everything counts in large amounts.
Sharam 6 days ago:
@I_Skream 😂😂
Sharam 1 week ago:
One of the best records of all time. https://t.co/FcSI61eKqY
Sharam 1 week ago:
Anyone else can relate? https://t.co/KTWu0RrH4o
Sharam 1 week ago:
We can all use a bit of techno to get us through never ending times like this. Episode 11 of my #BunkerChronicles s… https://t.co/9I41L7v5xo

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