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    Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Moscow, Russian Federation
2007 official dj-rankings.com

Russian Federation



proff is an acclaimed DJ from Russian Federation

proff is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 2007 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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PROFF 4 days ago:
RT @Swytchthefish: On repeat Friday night workflow tunes....#np @PROFF_Music feat @CoryFriesenhan - Consequence of you (@elevvenmusic vocal…
PROFF 2 weeks ago:
RT @Swytchthefish: Tune of 2019....biiiiigtime....#np @PROFF_Music feat @CoryFriesenhan - Consequence of you (@elevvenmusic remix).....this…
PROFF 3 weeks ago:
@DJAndyMoor I'd do you and @REALMAORLEVI , but Josh looks a bit Karen'ish🤣
PROFF 4 weeks ago:
@iBluestone Pubic Enemy was one of the best options out there :-D
PROFF 4 weeks ago:
Lots of new stuff this year, thanks to quarantine (at least for that). Thanks man! 💓 https://t.co/lcRiKHw0T7
PROFF 4 weeks ago:
RT @iancanwrite: If I mysteriously disappear, this will be why https://t.co/DAV8GgZfC5
PROFF 1 month ago:
@REALMAORLEVI Happy birthday, malchik! Have a good one!
PROFF 1 month ago:
@Darudevil @marcusschossow Double that, Ville🤣
PROFF 1 month ago:
@dom_analog And I'm still having a feeling it didn't event properly started yet:)
PROFF 1 month ago:
@Aerotekmusic Yeah, right🙃
PROFF 1 month ago:
Thank you mate, out on a very special compilation pretty soon tho:) https://t.co/zZxiEPh0A8
PROFF 1 month ago:
@ChandlerLMartin Well, that is definitely not G major, mostly because its definitely minor key:) Its A minor, yet i… https://t.co/M8gPGEPhjI
PROFF 1 month ago:
@Handle_Rahul no info so far. waiting too:)
PROFF 1 month ago:
I literally spend hundreds on vinyl lately. When all the shippings are here, I'm gonna make the most special DJ live on twitch I ever did!
PROFF 1 month ago:
I do that literally every project. Works great, and the habit came from times when my computer was too slow to pull… https://t.co/bSMcR948HB
PROFF 1 month ago:
That kind of comments makes me feel my work has some actual meaning and impact on others, like its not just self-ex… https://t.co/YX4HQDw8nl
PROFF 1 month ago:
RT @SilkMusic: "Best of @PROFF_Music" is premiering now on our YouTube. Join us for a live chat and listening experience : ) :: https://t.c…
PROFF 1 month ago:
Blasting some proffgressive for NY Anjunafamily in a few minutes here: https://t.co/ypQa2VRUpo Join in!:)
PROFF 1 month ago:
@VolantMusic What's biased?
PROFF 1 month ago:
Just ordered some new vinyl, happy af!

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