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    Genre:Electronica, Funk / R&B
    Location:Denver, CO, United States
1773 official dj-rankings.com

United States



pretty lights is an acclaimed DJ from United States

pretty lights is performing within the field of Electronica, Funk / R&B music and is ranked 1773 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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NOISIΛ 2 days ago:
RT @VISIONrecs: VISION Radio this week: ‘Music To Stay In Your House To’ by @imanumusic, in the @Buunshin ‘Go Outside’ remix, taken from th…
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RT @VISIONrecs: What has begun. Can not be stopped 😈 The first ever episode of VISION Radio just landed. Listen to S01E01: https://t.co/…
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What has begun. Can not be stopped 😈 After Noisia Radio, there is @VISIONrecs Radio! Listen to episode S01E01:… https://t.co/QRs37GThNp
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NOISIΛ 2 weeks ago:
Hello person. Welcome to this...change. @VISIONrecs https://t.co/atzHGLjkB8
NOISIΛ 2 weeks ago:
RT @ThysMusic: THIS is what we wanted to do with Noisia Radio. And this is why we don't want to quit making radio, even when Noisia is done…
NOISIΛ 2 weeks ago:
RT @ThysMusic: The last Noisia Radio episode before we continue as VISION radio! Thanks to all for a good 5,5 years of listenership, thanks…
NOISIΛ 2 weeks ago:
This week: The very last episode of Noisia Radio. We’ve compiled all the 2020 reloads that were voted in by our pat… https://t.co/V32IiAdYBx
NOISIΛ 3 weeks ago:
ps. We are going to rename our Patreon to ‘VISION’ from January 1st 2021 onwards. More info about the name change c… https://t.co/nTUW2QHcRM
NOISIΛ 3 weeks ago:
Two tutorials on Patreon this month. Nik takes you through the project file of ‘Running Blind’ and talks about the… https://t.co/7cc8sjKWFD
NOISIΛ 3 weeks ago:
New tutorial up on our Patreon; Nik takes you through his basic process of making 'real' drums in Superior Drummer… https://t.co/YHHZdRyNRw
NOISIΛ 3 weeks ago:
This week:‌ ‌The @HerzeloydeMUSIC remix for ‘Whatever It Takes’ by @imanumusic, taken from the ‘Re IMANU’ ep, out n… https://t.co/CuKrT8ncOl
NOISIΛ 4 weeks ago:
RT @VISIONrecs: 😱 Ithaca on pretty 12" colored vinyl looks/sounds stunning! Would you like to own one? Grab yours before they’re gone: htt…
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
Thank you person 🙏Noisia Radio won 'Best Podcast' at the @OfficialDnBA awards! Thank you to everyone who voted and… https://t.co/c99MvXNq8Q
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
RT @ThysMusic: All your snares are still shit. Merry Christmas, hohoho! 🎅
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
RT @ThysMusic: Thanks so much on behalf of everybody involved! And, you're welcome. It's been our pleasure, and it feels quite right to use…
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
Noisia Radio this week: ‘Badlands’ by @ThysMusic & @amontobin, taken from the ‘Ithaca’ EP on @VISIONrecs. We have a… https://t.co/GGhTiaoJEF
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
RT @VISIONrecs: 🔱 Arrived today: @amontobin teams up with @ThysMusic for their cinematic ‘Ithaca’ EP. The fractal five-track offering is an…
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
Noisia Radio this week: @FORBIDDEN666 goes in deep with ‘Resist’ and @IvyLab_ drops ‘Husk’ from their ‘Blonde’ EP.… https://t.co/C1KDRf0ms8
NOISIΛ 2 months ago:
Hello person. Welcome to Black Friday. Our label @VISIONrecs offers a 25% discount on EVERYTHING, including a lot… https://t.co/g7dmc5pKIT

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