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    Location:Montevideo, Uruguay
670 official dj-rankings.com




pp is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

pp is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 670 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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GabrielRochaakaDJPP 4 days ago:
RT @ResidentArchive: Track "Montevideo - Original Mix" by @oficialdjpp just added to the @ResidentArchive 2011 playlist on Spotify #electro…
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 1 week ago:
RT @sinnerandjames: 🔊 President House Chart on Beatport 🎵 New music from @rolandclark @kingstreetnyc @MattTanzmann @darkroomdubs @oficiald…
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 1 month ago:
RT @kingstreetnyc: Tune into 'The Paradise' this FRIDAY at 6pm (EST) for @oficialdjpp *LIVE* 👀👉 https://t.co/lAYuQRT67I https://t.co/Fj1ejZ…
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 1 month ago:
RT @kingstreetnyc: Tune into @oficialdjpp *LIVE* on #TheParadise NOW | https://t.co/lcjpdfuyjj
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 1 month ago:
@traxsource https://t.co/UFVMs4gWdZ
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 1 month ago:
RT @sinnerandjames: The remastered mix of We Had Disco + a kickass remix from @oficialdjpp is OUT NOW on @PPmusic1! ➤ Beatport: https://t.…
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 1 month ago:
RT @sinnerandjames: @oficialdjpp’s remix of We Had Disco is out now on @PPmusic1! ➤ Beatport: https://t.co/ZRl4q6WL9B ➤ Traxsource: https…
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 4 months ago:
#noticias24 los niños llevan en virus 🦠 a la casa del colegio y eso es un riesgo, hay muertes de personas de 40 año… https://t.co/5ZGWnYrOYb
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 4 months ago:
RT @joedinardodj: #np Thousand Nights & @oficialdjpp - You Can Do It (Original Mix) on PPMusic #ListenNow on @datatransradio https://t.co/…
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 4 months ago:
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 4 months ago:
@Ro_SaavedraM @Mega Cuando esta gente seguirá usando la desgracia para hacer rating ? @Mega terminenla con invitar… https://t.co/VgWz1tmWda
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 7 months ago:
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 7 months ago:
Planes Drop Thousands Of Kilograms Of Carrots And Potatoes For Starving Animals https://t.co/ukNVMVatDo
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 7 months ago:
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 7 months ago:
Firma Para que la Comuna de Concón Tenga un Sistema de Gestión de Residuos para el Reciclaje https://t.co/5Um47ZzpRv
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 7 months ago:
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 7 months ago:
salvando el planeta, gracias a esta gente que se esfuerza a diario para salvar nuestro planeta, con gente a si esta… https://t.co/2UjhWAJIFO
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 7 months ago:
Hay que organizar la final https://t.co/h5R7wL48uO
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 7 months ago:
GabrielRochaakaDJPP 8 months ago:
😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👇👇👇👇👇 https://t.co/LfudkQh55E

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