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    Location:Manchester, United Kingdom
1860 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



paulette has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

paulette is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 1860 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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PAULETTE 30 minutes ago:
@djsophiecallis @itvstudios @GMB #HappyInternationalWomensDay @GMB are you off your head??
PAULETTE 31 minutes ago:
@djsophiecallis @itvstudios @GMB And how she can comfortably smile and take a pay check sitting next to him is beyond comprehension.
PAULETTE 32 minutes ago:
@djsophiecallis @itvstudios @GMB All of them @GMB #inthebin gutter tv at its worst.
PAULETTE 55 minutes ago:
@Blessed_Madonna No question. Just like you.
PAULETTE 2 hours ago:
@linford_ Welcome back from hibernation @linford_ you little Tortoise Mc tortoise 🐢 face
PAULETTE 10 hours ago:
@danielms I’m not in this list but it’s a belter 🤪
PAULETTE 13 hours ago:
RT @HouseChoir: #catherinemarks @ItsCoolyG #theblessedmadonna @MissyElliott @samdivine @HONEYDIJON @jamzsupernova @Marta_Salogni @DJPAULETT…
PAULETTE 13 hours ago:
RT @BBCRadioManc: Listen to our special programme with @emmagoswell and guests @DIALGlobal_, @RoseMarley1, @DJPAULETTE, @ErinmaBell and Kir…
PAULETTE 17 hours ago:
RT @lindarella: Incredibly proud to have bought these amazing women together for #IWD2021 @DIALGlobal_ @RoseMarley1 @DJPAULETTE @ErinmaBell…
PAULETTE 20 hours ago:
RT @RobbieRinder: The evidence of how women are publicly shamed & undermined is overwhelming. This enduring cruelty & double standard damag…
PAULETTE 20 hours ago:
This kind of support is EXACTLY what is needed to redress the balance.Thank you @RobbieRinder for this well balance… https://t.co/txuk1Rr5Qv
PAULETTE 20 hours ago:
#ChooseToChallenge2021 this is the motto that I live my life by. #HappyInternationalWomensDay2021 https://t.co/t1HMAiDteh
PAULETTE 21 hours ago:
@india_morris This is so perfect. Happy International Women’s Day to you you treasure.
PAULETTE 21 hours ago:
RT @SpezialSoundsy1: @DJPAULETTE @DjLisaLoud @djsmokinjo @djrap @DjNancyNoise
PAULETTE 1 day ago:
RT @DFA1976: #InternationalWomensDay shout outs to @itsshsuth @Saspo @XanthePrints @AmyDouglasSings @kezamacdonald @ElyseWillems @jennifeve…
PAULETTE 1 day ago:
@PaulPaulbutty I have a special guest so I might even get to chit chat 💬
PAULETTE 1 day ago:
@SJRussell_ @marmite Bet you Crumpet won’t like it at all 🚨👅
PAULETTE 2 days ago:
@TheDossOne @marmite I’m liking the idea of it
PAULETTE 2 days ago:
@Jules_Clarke @marmite @kfc On my list 🤤
PAULETTE 2 days ago:
@Jules_Clarke @marmite @kfc #crisps ?? Where did you buy those 🤤

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