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Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens
    Genre:Electro House, Electronica, Techno
    Date of birth:1995-02-01
44 official dj-rankings.com




oliver heldens is considered one of the best DJ brands in the world

oliver heldens is performing within the field of Electro House, Electronica, Techno music and is ranked 44 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

oliver heldens is 25 years old, and his zodiac is Aquarius.

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🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 19 hours ago:
@DyingImminent @official_hilo First there are 2 remixes for Kronos coming next Monday Dec 7th :)… https://t.co/tB3uvwi9sT
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 19 hours ago:
Also there are 2 huge remixes of 'Kronos' (by @DJSianOfficial and @drunken_kong 😎🙌🔥) coming out Dec 7!… https://t.co/4EU98JYeG8
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 20 hours ago:
Shout out to @aboveandbeyond for playing @official_HILO 'Kronos' twice on your show! ❤️ Thanks everyone for the sup… https://t.co/jwRAfYu6ku
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 22 hours ago:
RT @Oh2Records: Many thanks to @SpotifyNL for supporting 'Set Me Free' with @OliverHeldens @PartyPupils @MAXmusic on the cover of the #360D…
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 4 days ago:
Black Friday Sale is on! 👀 Enjoy 25% off the entire shop using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020 😁 https://t.co/qOtrklS6lh https://t.co/u25P1Zp6AJ
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 5 days ago:
@valerie___lee @robbyengle Robbyyy, hope you're having a wonderful birthday my friend😘 https://t.co/q8PpsCoEGt 😂
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 6 days ago:
@OliverHeldensUK @Reuters Yes! 1 in Rotterdam at my family’s place and 1 in Amsterdam at my own place
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 6 days ago:
@Haywyremusic @louisfutonbeats Siick! Congrats! :) 🙌
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 6 days ago:
Thanks @Reuters for this nice piece! :) “On the day of finishing my final exam, I flew straight to New York to play… https://t.co/K1gddueVxw
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 7 days ago:
@Jauzofficial Sorry for your loss, brother 😢🙏 RIP Garett
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 1 week ago:
@SamanthaPopstar @BebeRexha I didn’t ‘buy any rights’, Gecko is the original track :) https://t.co/edlZs9TYa7
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 1 week ago:
@brucwaynebanner Haha I don’t put anything in my hair actually (besides shampoo)! I just wash it and then dry it, t… https://t.co/V2nu0baxnH
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 weeks ago:
Mexico, feliz dia de la Revolución! 🇲🇽❤️🙏🕺🏻 https://t.co/o3CAvIHXnJ
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 weeks ago:
Obrigado ☺️🙏 https://t.co/HQato4OcDx What is/are your fav episode(s) of #HeldeepRadio ? https://t.co/l6j7v61xUz
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 weeks ago:
Nice feature in @Forbes! 😃 cc @DavidSolomon @heldeeprecords @paybackrecords https://t.co/xPN4eOdFhW
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 weeks ago:
Show me the celebrities you’ve been told you look like 🧐 Also which other celebs do I look like? 👨🏻 (Joe Jonas, Dan… https://t.co/HjBut033rB
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 weeks ago:
@SportPlaylists @MAXMusic @PartyPupils @F1 @SpotifyUK @AppleMusic Awesome, thanks :)
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 weeks ago:
@c895radio @DillonFrancis @EvieIrie @VASSY @conromusic @PartyPupils @MAXMusic @davidguetta @LucianaCaporaso Awesome… https://t.co/H5oBQRclmf
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 2 weeks ago:
@kmfmofficial @robsnoise @disclosure @kelis Thanks for the support! :) 🕺🏻
🌴🦎Oliver Heldens 🐨🕺🏻 3 weeks ago:
Awesome :) 🙌 @HeldeepRecords / get yours at https://t.co/CKbV3J6iqj 👈😎 https://t.co/jaaJE6ACNJ

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