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    Genre:Drum & Bass, Dubstep
    Location:Groningen, Netherlands
958 official dj-rankings.com




noisia is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Netherlands

noisia is performing within the field of Drum & Bass, Dubstep music and is ranked 958 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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NOISIΛ 3 hours ago:
@ADE_NL will be broadcasting Outer Edges (Live at Roskilde 2017) tonight at 21:00 CET (in 20 minutes) 👀 https://t.co/f0V8BMt1mj
NOISIΛ 4 hours ago:
Noisia Radio This week: With no festivals happening, we decided to release a live version of our 'Outer Edges' AV s… https://t.co/240VdPckgB
NOISIΛ 6 hours ago:
"...Thijs brought a part of his modular setup to jam on stage, and Martijn controlled the flow of the songs through… https://t.co/sKWX6cCxPT
NOISIΛ 6 hours ago:
"... - especially when the actual album leaked and we found out minutes before going on stage to perform it for the… https://t.co/QToU12R0M1
NOISIΛ 6 hours ago:
"... It meant building an audiovisual instrument first and thén a show to perform on that instrument. Everything sy… https://t.co/OZqiRwR6Wn
NOISIΛ 6 hours ago:
'Outer Edges ∴ Live' is out today via @VISIONrecs : https://t.co/5UyYHvAd8V “This was the most ambitious thing we… https://t.co/GpYAezKwq1
NOISIΛ 1 day ago:
RT @VISIONrecs: Round 1 voting for this years Drum&BassArena Awards opened again. If you are voting for us or anyone on the label: Much 💖…
NOISIΛ 2 days ago:
'Outer Edges ∴ Live' is out on Wednesday. Pre-order here: https://t.co/98Q255yw1q https://t.co/mm9TXDfJNj
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
Noisia Radio this week: @posij & @formerformer have a ‘Sun Tracker’ EP listening party in the guest mix, and tell s… https://t.co/N1C3nhPuUT
NOISIΛ 1 week ago:
RT @bodyocean: Hi! We are Body Ocean and our debut EP 'Narcissist' is coming out this Friday. Listen to 'Red Flags' 🚩🚩🚩 https://t.co/4za6OL…
NOISIΛ 2 weeks ago:
Noisia Radio this week: We announce the ‘Sun Tracker’ EP by @posij & @formerformer, premiering ‘Blue Flesh’, the fu… https://t.co/DYpK0Ysdsy
NOISIΛ 3 weeks ago:
@circus_records This is terrible. Rest in peace, cookie
NOISIΛ 3 weeks ago:
Noisia Radio this week: A special, dedicated to the release of 'MISSION 01', a new compilation series on… https://t.co/PLedjr7Qa7
NOISIΛ 4 weeks ago:
Noisia Radio this week: We announce ‘MISSION 01’, a humongous Various Artists project on @VISIONrecs. We start with… https://t.co/Tahzl1dBU4
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
Noisia Radio this week: To celebrate the release of IMANU's ‘Cheren' EP on VISION, @imanumusic and @Buunshin take o… https://t.co/M3eCHzcRy7
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
Noisia Radio this week: We premiere ‘Cheren’ by @imanumusic, title track from his new EP out this Friday on… https://t.co/XMDIk6cLz3
NOISIΛ 1 month ago:
Have you seen last month's tutorial on our Patreon? It's Thijs' first one in light of his release on @VISIONrecs wi… https://t.co/PKazS3tqVF
NOISIΛ 2 months ago:
Noisia Radio this week: NU @imanumusic music on VISION. The premiere of ‘Nagow’ with @Buunshin out this Friday! Tak… https://t.co/MKUr27t6RG
NOISIΛ 2 months ago:
RT @VISIONrecs: Out today; on the liminal space between 'club' and 'listening' music; sound design and musical story telling, @ThysMusic ma…
NOISIΛ 2 months ago:
RT @VISIONrecs: Happy 5th birthday ‘Dead Limit’ 🥳 @Noisia_nl @theupbeats https://t.co/PB4DmLlDvL

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