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    Location:Bratislava, Slovakia
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nifra is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

nifra is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 494 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Nifra 10 hours ago:
@thewongkid really cool! Thanks Wesley :) Hope the poster will arrive soon as well ;)
Nifra 12 hours ago:
Im ashamed that in 2020 we still dont know better! I feel your pain 💔💔💔 I'm standing with the black community, the… https://t.co/W7clO3wMKu
Nifra 2 days ago:
RT @thewongkid: Playing catchup on @Nifra coldharbour past to future stream @coldharbourrec https://t.co/shGyU7ks8i
Nifra 2 days ago:
RT @xlr8jwc: I just raided the @coldharbourrec back catalog on @beatport after @Nifra slammed down a 7 hour set today. Thanks for the tunes!
Nifra 3 days ago:
Just did nearly 7 hour stream of only @coldharbourrec music. That was so cool! When do we do part 2? :P
Nifra 3 days ago:
Still live...join here: https://t.co/eiLH3fI1RF https://t.co/m7YgU1CJoO
Nifra 3 days ago:
Still live for a couple of hours. Presenting the Coldharbour sound from past to future 😉 Tune in here:… https://t.co/3Frlr6xAUs
Nifra 3 days ago:
RT @DoctaWubz: @Nifra throwing down all the @coldharbourrec classic bangers is everything I needed rn!!
Nifra 3 days ago:
RT @ronaldtops: No television for me this evening. Will be online watching and listening @Nifra https://t.co/88uwezLuvS
Nifra 3 days ago:
RT @Tranceshedprod1: #coldharbour #trance great back catalogue to say the least!
Nifra 3 days ago:
RT @coldharbourrec: [email protected] live right now on @Twitch: https://t.co/ZCNMt90gVE https://t.co/gAPwTkDozr
Nifra 3 days ago:
RT @llqlovely: @Nifra LIVE @Twitch for her special set dropping coldharbour tunes from 2005 to today's #trance #trancefamily https://t.co…
Nifra 3 days ago:
Going live in Twitch for special Past To Future @coldharbourrec set 😁 Tune in now: https://t.co/8B5aQAGqBe https://t.co/HPr68URhPs
Nifra 3 days ago:
RT @karlbrennan: @Nifra few tunes for the way home 😎 https://t.co/xKMmh2Qjd2
Nifra 5 days ago:
RT @BlackHoleRec: New Black Hole Night live stream incoming! 🥳Will you tune in again this Friday at 10 PM CEST? 😃 🎵 @Nifra - Tomboy during…
Nifra 5 days ago:
This is a stream that Im so excited about 🤩 I will be dropping all the goodies released on @coldharbourrec since th… https://t.co/wX5msbkyDK
Nifra 6 days ago:
RT @FishermanOfc: Last week @Nifra and I collected 900 euro for charity during one of our marathon streams on Twitch. Today was the day tha…
Nifra 6 days ago:
Dutch summer vibes 😎 https://t.co/pPtDjdlcrr
Nifra 7 days ago:
@richsolarstone @IndecentNoise 🤣🤣🤣
Nifra 1 week ago:
Livestreaming new episode of #RebelRadio on facebook 🙏 https://t.co/bvH5EScnim

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