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    Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Ottawa, ON, Canada
2083 official dj-rankings.com




mike emvee has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

mike emvee is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 2083 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Mike Emvee 17 hours ago:
@QeWZee_ https://t.co/EgpEklgJxb
Mike Emvee 19 hours ago:
@wholfiess @VioletLex https://t.co/gL4ALDkxoK
Mike Emvee 22 hours ago:
@BlackkBoye @wholfiess no worries - if the issue persists afterwards feel free to reach out.
Mike Emvee 22 hours ago:
@wholfiess @BlackkBoye My guess is an ISP issue. Get them to check the upload signal.
Mike Emvee 1 day ago:
@erinlindseyy1 is this still valid
Mike Emvee 1 day ago:
@Pearllaxx hey fuck u
Mike Emvee 1 day ago:
@kaylakillshot @rowlinsona1 @brianlilley You’d be surprised at the number physicians whom are largely conspiracy th… https://t.co/gni6GshQjd
Mike Emvee 1 day ago:
@kellett9999 @ChuckCallesto lol. Do your own research if that’s really the path you’d like to take.
Mike Emvee 1 day ago:
@UpshallGames https://t.co/t8mdO8FDMP
Mike Emvee 2 days ago:
@MaxSoviet98 @Princnsss Sounds kind a *back up all your important shit, format both drives and reinstall windows* s… https://t.co/Cbrfmt06r9
Mike Emvee 2 days ago:
@heinencp I’m insanely sorry to hear this man. Can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now - but from someone’s who’… https://t.co/vZow5bYkDH
Mike Emvee 3 days ago:
@ashleyrjanes kinda pretty good not bad
Mike Emvee 3 days ago:
@iDecypherr Good shit proud of you fuck you
Mike Emvee 4 days ago:
@MexicAnthony https://t.co/J2E1lGSI9a
Mike Emvee 4 days ago:
@daltoosh It hasn’t been easy bro. Kids aren’t made to be able to cope with this type of thing. All I can really do… https://t.co/6BChOdxEy8
Mike Emvee 4 days ago:
I think at this point I’ve heard my 8 y/o daughter say she’s wants to kill herself at least 200+ times since this pandemic started.
Mike Emvee 6 days ago:
@Atreyeu_ @JeanneBaril This doesn’t happen with PayPal business accounts. Only PayPal personal/private accounts to… https://t.co/XSW4CykrkF
Mike Emvee 6 days ago:
@CreatureCal @MrBeast @karens_cookies Vid was great but that song… yikes had to mute lol
Mike Emvee 7 days ago:
@ashleyrjanes lol wtf ????
Mike Emvee 1 week ago:
@SH4NMU I’m getting dm’s saying this is edgy like no it’s not you guys are just way too horny

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