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    Genre:Tech House, Techno
    Location:Barcelona, Spain
823 official dj-rankings.com




luca bacchetti has a many loyal fans in his home country

luca bacchetti is performing within the field of Tech House, Techno music and is ranked 823 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Fever Ray News 1 month ago:
The full Fever Ray catalogue is now available on @Bandcamp for the first time! Here's a nice Bandcamp Daily profile… https://t.co/GUic8QZmPy
Fever Ray News 1 month ago:
The Knife turns 20 in 2020 and we're celebrating with some reissues to be released in August! More info:… https://t.co/lIlEQqlS5L
Fever Ray News 4 months ago:
New website is up! 👻 https://t.co/cRUwOXYjbd https://t.co/CqNmWSwrkQ
Fever Ray News 6 months ago:
I’ve updated my playlist! 🩸🌹 with what I listen to atm 🩸🌹 and reading 🩸🌹making new music 🩸🌹 inspo!🩸🌹… https://t.co/dncj2ZiDXp
Fever Ray News 8 months ago:
Brilliant @martinfalck unwrapping the new Plunge Remix vinyl album! 💥🔥☄️🍕🍯🧡❤️ https://t.co/TbpVF7FeIi
Fever Ray News 9 months ago:
The Plunge remixes are out today on vinyl, CD and digi. So great to see all these brilliant artists on the same dis… https://t.co/hEB8y5Rfhz
Fever Ray News 10 months ago:
[email protected] and my band backstage. Her remix of This Country aka This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck is on the Plunge re… https://t.co/0QzMdd7XLm
Fever Ray News 10 months ago:
Olof and I hanging out before he dropped his remix of Wanna Sip. It's on the Plunge remix compilation, coming out n… https://t.co/bPQowoSF1d
Fever Ray News 10 months ago:
Tami T on tour! She remixed Mustn't Hurry and it's on the Plunge remix compilation that comes out next month alongs… https://t.co/z0K0ECTIZW
Fever Ray News 10 months ago:
The vinyl for my remix swap with @theknifenews and @bjork is out now! https://t.co/Rs0hFFGCUl https://t.co/WVSmnD4Zb3
Fever Ray News 10 months ago:
[email protected]_SA hanging out with us backstage on the Plunge tour. They are on the remix compilation with their version of… https://t.co/ZltDKoDA89
Fever Ray News 10 months ago:
Martin Falck designed all the artwork for the Plunge remix compilation. He is a genius with lovely gloves ⚡️🎨🦞… https://t.co/gmcuinvONQ
Fever Ray News 11 months ago:
My band and I with @BunnyMichael. Their remix of IDK About You is part of the Plunge remix compilation, out in Dece… https://t.co/pFhKiYTRyG
Fever Ray News 11 months ago:
The Plunge remix compilation is out on December 13th on double vinyl, CD and digi featuring remixes by @GLASSER_,… https://t.co/2B5Yh7mk1t
Fever Ray News 11 months ago:
So excited to share the final track from the Plunge remix series! @GLASSER_ is the first and only artist to take on… https://t.co/9IyDzkZhs0
Fever Ray News 11 months ago:
Announcing the new Plunge remix compilation with this brand new version of Falling, remixed by @GLASSER_. The compi… https://t.co/ayikUsDfK2
Fever Ray News 1 year ago:
Listen back to the Fever Ray / @NTSlive show takeover to hear my favourite music for a whole hour:… https://t.co/DwLIgY2y4E
Fever Ray News 1 year ago:
Tune into @NTSlive at 11am BST on Friday 13th September to hear a playlist I’ve curated 👀 📻https://t.co/HD24SIGUDr… https://t.co/8PewZHg6D0
Fever Ray News 1 year ago:
The remix swap from Fever Ray / @theknifenews / @bjork aka ‘Country Creatures’ will be available on vinyl on the… https://t.co/Ptgt6CU4me
Fever Ray News 1 year ago:
👅@theknifenews’s vigorous and pulsating remix of @bjork’s ‘Features Creatures’ completes the remix swap 🔁 between T… https://t.co/X8dRmPqHNi

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