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    Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
872 official dj-rankings.com




ill.gates has a many loyal fans in his home country

ill.gates is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 872 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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ill.Gates 6 hours ago:
Finally getting somewhere with the new studio build! https://t.co/jCFrTFjmoj
ill.Gates 8 hours ago:
It's ProducerDJ Rack Friday until December 4th. Enjoy 20% off storewide. Enter Code: VKZ7G3KW From drums, to ambie… https://t.co/vi1LvKRM82
ill.Gates 14 hours ago:
Asha coming with the #LumberjackRealness https://t.co/CH5cCOeSxG
ill.Gates 15 hours ago:
@zorrooooooooooi More of an edibles guy. I like my lungs healthy and pink!
ill.Gates 15 hours ago:
@Lokargar It was a topping for the mashed potatoes and it made it hella seasonal. I’m all about that life now.
ill.Gates 15 hours ago:
Hell yeah! Great work. Glad to have you in our community :) https://t.co/BvciEK66Ys
ill.Gates 15 hours ago:
ill.Gates 15 hours ago:
Another horrific case of #AlcoholAbuse Alcohol goes IN YOUR MOUTH not on the ground :/ Together we can… https://t.co/yoh68zTo6g
ill.Gates 17 hours ago:
Went off on some experimental shit this morning... Harvest Breakfast with Ribs, Bacon, Shiitake, Gyoza, Mixed Vegg… https://t.co/aQKYmwTJkA
ill.Gates 1 day ago:
@KANDlSHA Lozenges
ill.Gates 1 day ago:
So I’ve been working on this Pea Shoots + Garlic and it’s coming up HARD. Watch out!
ill.Gates 1 day ago:
RT @gjonesbass: soundcloud is perfect for when im in the mood to skip 45 seconds into a bunch of songs and judge them by a random 2 second…
ill.Gates 1 day ago:
Where the FUCK has the slide whistle been lately?
ill.Gates 1 day ago:
@MattMcKenzie412 Once I get the new studio setup and figure out where all the nice cameras and lights got packed I’… https://t.co/0XNsb65107
ill.Gates 1 day ago:
So dinner was pretty rad too... #illPlates https://t.co/jGgAWOOzrZ
ill.Gates 1 day ago:
@ladyrainicorn00 Some home made and some from the freezer (onion pancakes, dumplings) We have a really great Asian… https://t.co/AspNv8qV6f
ill.Gates 2 days ago:
It's ProducerDJ Rack Friday until Dec. 4. Enjoy 20% off storewide. Enter Code: VKZ7G3KW @LukeRainMusic &… https://t.co/oTwSkPqaVc
ill.Gates 2 days ago:
Just posted a photo https://t.co/aDNQw1rkcY
ill.Gates 2 days ago:
@v3nym_official Nice. I was kinda wondering actually
ill.Gates 2 days ago:
@OVERHAULrevived @mrbillstunes @Virtual_Riot Hahahaha. You can definitely have worse problems in life ;$

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