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    Genre:Tech House, Techno
    Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
557 official dj-rankings.com




guy j is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Israel

guy j is performing within the field of Tech House, Techno music and is ranked 557 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Guy J 1 day ago:
@lukasambe released a full artist album on Armadillo Records , check the beautiful work he did here: https://t.co/XSM7PyEofu
Guy J 2 days ago:
Don't forget to join my @Patreon page to download the full version of my track "Delerium" and get the audio parts… https://t.co/yXLXtElunU
Guy J 4 days ago:
I just uploaded "Guy J - ECHOS 15.01.2021" to @mixcloud. Listen at https://t.co/5qp19VUe7g
Guy J 5 days ago:
Without big or small crowd, this is what is in front of me.But it still feels amazing knowing someone out there is… https://t.co/MB0OwKUREd
Guy J 5 days ago:
Link for ECHOS tonight https://t.co/rsDawf7GYx ❤️👽
Guy J 6 days ago:
E C H O S Tomorrow at 22:00 CET ❤️👽 https://t.co/MYFaX2sGrG
Guy J 1 week ago:
First release on Lost & Found is coming soon , last year was amazing year for the label and this year will also be… https://t.co/jxfk506a4m
Guy J 2 weeks ago:
@moth_hunter Done it and loved it
Guy J 2 weeks ago:
Time to dip https://t.co/G3mv66JiYp
Guy J 2 weeks ago:
@djankytrixx Rice I deep in Dahl baby
Guy J 2 weeks ago:
9th Sample Pack is now up on my @Patreon profile. In this pack my unreleased track 'Delerium' and its parts will b… https://t.co/f0vz0hogBi
Guy J 2 weeks ago:
@joshuamck Ofcourse I know it 😋
Guy J 2 weeks ago:
One of the things I learned during this time at home is how amazing is dipping biscuit in tea ❤️
Guy J 3 weeks ago:
@Jonatha48942249 ❤️
Guy J 3 weeks ago:
@StereoMtl ❤️❤️
Guy J 3 weeks ago:
@john_rosignoli Hey John, I stopped streaming on Facebook and youtube doesn't give any problems at the moment
Guy J 4 weeks ago:
Next Sample pack on my @Patreon profile will include the samples of 1 of my unreleased tracks. I've made a poll w… https://t.co/bk3kU3DqHr
Guy J 4 weeks ago:
RT @bjornniclas: My favorite record label! @djguyj 🎶🎵🤘 https://t.co/umhIKyL01h
Guy J 4 weeks ago:
@bjornniclas ❤️❤️❤️
Guy J 4 weeks ago:
RT @releasepromo: #REVIEW // @djguyj's Lost & Found Records caps off a remarkable year by welcoming @royrosenfeld back to the label for the…

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