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    Genre:Drum & Bass, Open Format
    Location:Wallsall, United Kingdom
    Date of birth:1965-09-19
1256 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



goldie is an acclaimed DJ from United Kingdom

goldie is performing within the field of Drum & Bass, Open Format music and is ranked 1256 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

goldie is 55 years old, and his zodiac is Virgo.

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GOLDIE 16 hours ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: Metalwork spotlight 🔎 Intricately broody, this is 'Resampled' 🔊 https://t.co/CtCHv823ez https://t.co/MhjdTyTYfY
GOLDIE 2 days ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: Who's ready for some danger courtesy of Jem One? ⚡ Pre-order here: https://t.co/aG5vLT4gZ1 https://t.co/bxh4Ejcl25
GOLDIE 3 days ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: Metalwork spotlight 🔎 The militant sounds of 'Magnetic Sound' 🔥 https://t.co/CtCHv823ez https://t.co/fRdduib4Bs
GOLDIE 5 days ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: Huge thanks to @OfficialDnBA for the support across @mikaldnb's 'Metalwork' album 🙏 This one's entitled 'Random Space'…
GOLDIE 6 days ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: NEW MIKAL ALBUM OUT TODAY 🆕💥 Buy and stream 👉 https://t.co/CtCHv823ez https://t.co/LVlA45ZxpF
GOLDIE 7 days ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: You've been warned! More than 50% of Headz To The Sun tickets have already gone! Check the link for remaining packages…
GOLDIE 1 week ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: Headz To The Sun tickets on sale 12PM TOMORROW 📢 Sign up for pre-sale here: https://t.co/j6c8hZeVjo This is not to b…
GOLDIE 1 week ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: 'Turn It Around' 🥁🥁🥁 Big thanks to @OfficialDnBA for the premiere. @MikalDnB's 'Metalwork' album is available to dow…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @RinseFM: As part of the Ibiza Opening @MRGOLDIE and @metalheadzmusic are bringing a stacked line up of DNB heavyweights to Ibiza for 3…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: 📢 ANNOUNCING: HEADZ TO THE SUN LINE UP 📢 We've been working hard to secure some of the biggest names in DNB for our I…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: ☀ HEADZ TO THE SUN ☀ If you’re wondering where you can rest your weary legs after raving all night, then worry not. W…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: Big thanks to @skankandbass for the premiere of 'Wheels' taken from @MikalDnB's forthcoming 'Metalwork' album ⚙️ This…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: ☀️ HEADZ TO THE SUN ANNOUNCEMENT ☀️ We’ve been hard at work securing some of the best venues Ibiza has to offer and w…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: Who's ready for the return of Mikal? 👀 This one's entitled 'Journey Into The Reverb' and is the first track on his fo…
GOLDIE 2 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: 🚨 REPRESS 🚨 A Metalheadz classic. Commix 'Be True / Satellite Type 2'. Website: https://t.co/7qAIxBwRh0 Bandcamp:…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: OUT NOW - @Friskedj delivers a hefty single showcasing some of his best work yet 💀 Vinyl and digital: https://t.co/GD…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @WeAreViableUK: #WeAreViable our Manifesto is now live! "A roadmap back to live entertainment" https://t.co/N1qJECmKyY https://t.co/ZZ…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: #WeAreViable is a movement created to bring together and unite all corners of the entertainment industry to help safeg…
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: Straight up intergalactic vibes ☄️🌌 Full release on Friday: https://t.co/FG8rXHdOsg https://t.co/CzyjjM1mbv
GOLDIE 3 weeks ago:
RT @metalheadzmusic: John Rolodex picks out some of the influences behind his work for an eclectic Spotify playlist 🔊 Stream here: https:/…

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