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    Location:Hatfield, United Kingdom
63 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



flux pavilion is among the top DJs in the world

flux pavilion is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 63 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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fluxpavilion.wav 9 hours ago:
My #HydeoutWorld episode premieres on March 7 at 9pm GMT. See you there⚡️ https://t.co/909c68JKrb https://t.co/LgA6vt6J6j
fluxpavilion.wav 11 hours ago:
slave labour didn't die, they just put it in a uniform. - @ILLAMAN (@PENGSHUIMUSIC)
fluxpavilion.wav 11 hours ago:
First single from the Flux produced @pengshui album just came out a few days ago Recorded the whole thing on tape… https://t.co/zZ3FFMZsAM
fluxpavilion.wav 1 day ago:
A moment in time ⚡️ https://t.co/681wU6G7t7
fluxpavilion.wav 3 days ago:
RT @itskinglizard: "slave labour didn't die, they just put it in a uniform" - @ILLAMAN "Eat The Rich" by @PENGSHUIMUSIC out now https:/…
fluxpavilion.wav 4 days ago:
first single for the @PENGSHUIMUSIC album i produced is out tomorrow . . . . . its heavy as fuck and there is a w… https://t.co/EvnranzoRG
fluxpavilion.wav 4 days ago:
@killthenoise I just bought a moog one from perfect circuit! I had this thing at my house for ages but have no mo… https://t.co/Tlt33NHoRD
fluxpavilion.wav 4 days ago:
Keeping my hands busy with voltage controlled visualisers First time plugging it in today https://t.co/LkMCjavqar
fluxpavilion.wav 5 days ago:
Waiting for the green light to do live shows again 💚 https://t.co/j3SqgtAsOI
fluxpavilion.wav 6 days ago:
RT @PENGSHUIMUSIC: 26.02.2021 https://t.co/YTbPCiSD2q
fluxpavilion.wav 6 days ago:
RT @PENGSHUIMUSIC: 26.02.2012 https://t.co/j2QDKo1VKd
fluxpavilion.wav 6 days ago:
RT @PENGSHUIMUSIC: 26.02.2021 https://t.co/igtbCZgou5
fluxpavilion.wav 6 days ago:
Where TV's go to die 📺 https://t.co/NDKkdZ8KqM
fluxpavilion.wav 1 week ago:
@Kompanymusic Hans zimmer
fluxpavilion.wav 1 week ago:
Please no, not back in the bag https://t.co/f5dL0DRDqK
fluxpavilion.wav 1 week ago:
RT @ShivvyPow: .wav start to finish Life changing @Fluxpavilion
fluxpavilion.wav 1 week ago:
Don’t miss my #CircusMixtape coming out tomorrow on @InsomniacRadio at 6p/9p et! See you then ⚡️ @PasqualeRotella… https://t.co/nVGMfIQ8au
fluxpavilion.wav 1 week ago:
I think this might be my favourite build up ever It makes me want to cry, which makes it pretty interesting to wo… https://t.co/cReGPJkIdg
fluxpavilion.wav 1 week ago:
We've removed the background of the .wav artwork so you guys can get creative with some #FluxFanArt, tag me on Stor… https://t.co/PBc1CWtS2v
fluxpavilion.wav 2 weeks ago:
RT @QuipMag: #Interview: Flux Pavilion’s evolution of sound and the makings of “.wav” [Curated #playlist incldued] https://t.co/hwwq6PuhVG…

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