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    Genre:House, Techno
    Location:Santiago, Chile
9675 official dj-rankings.com




figu is a DJ from Chile

figu is performing within the field of House, Techno music and is ranked 9675 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Figu Ds 2 days ago:
@mgechev Really excited about it https://t.co/oA3brV8cFN
Figu Ds 3 days ago:
@KimMaida Get well soon 🙏
Figu Ds 7 days ago:
Just a few pullovers left! End of pre-order until 23RD November or until finished the limited stock. Order now… https://t.co/B3CaU9lt6X
Figu Ds 1 week ago:
So I started to create some funny videos on #tiktok, let's see how this new thing develop lol @ Schöneberg, Berlin,… https://t.co/uu5iW9ZGik
Figu Ds 3 weeks ago:
@realDonaldTrump You can ask for consulting on the matter to @evoespueblo might know some tricks to get you back
Figu Ds 1 month ago:
RT @polizeiberlin: Die #Covid19-Lage ist ernst. Darum waren wir auch in der Vergangenheit stets mit mehreren Hundert Kolleg. am Tag auf Ber…
Figu Ds 1 month ago:
Just arrived fresh and hot 2 copies of @angular_buch for our @Zertificon 's Frontend Chapter 🎉 https://t.co/4oeBczu1eu
Figu Ds 1 month ago:
A must have in all teams https://t.co/z7DfIhrqdE
Figu Ds 1 month ago:
@angular_buch @angular @angular_de @angular_berlin @NgStuttgart @ManfredSteyer @AngularVienna @SwissAngular… https://t.co/K4OFHsPtHv
Figu Ds 1 month ago:
RT @jsjoeio: Microsoft is paving the way for the rest of us! 🎉 Companies that don’t embrace remote work are going to be left in the dust.…
Figu Ds 2 months ago:
RT @avogado6: 完全な愛 https://t.co/XTqFN0lest
Figu Ds 2 months ago:
@CodeCampEurope Been reviewing a lot of candidates this past month, coming from many different bootcamps, backgroun… https://t.co/on7ar9guRF
Figu Ds 2 months ago:
Still a firm believer that decentralized apps are a good way to give back to us the control of our information 🤔 ha… https://t.co/Kq91KnDrUf
Figu Ds 2 months ago:
So we wanted to order another @Dell #XPS13 - @ubuntu at my company, but apparently is not possible so easy right no… https://t.co/VSBaJDH3JN
Figu Ds 2 months ago:
Uploaded "98.8 Kiss fm Clubsets Sep 20" to @mixcloud https://t.co/nXSvd6fuOv listen now!
Figu Ds 3 months ago:
Still waiting for @elonmusk's picture in front of #Berghain
Figu Ds 3 months ago:
@robinboehm @instagram 👏👏👏
Figu Ds 3 months ago:
#myoctocat is out of the bag… build your own at https://t.co/Wt3i5v6EcV https://t.co/51DRf5tX0J
Figu Ds 3 months ago:
Why most #CodeAcademies around only tech react, redux as a magical recipe for a brilliant career?
Figu Ds 3 months ago:
@d_koppenhagen 🙌

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