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    Location:Kelowna, Canada
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Excision is a champion of bass music. He has worked himself up to being one of the leading dubstep DJs in the world, but his sets encompass a full range of genres. His music is best described by keywords such as: brutal, overload, enlightenment, morphing, filth and destruction.

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Excision 19 minutes ago:
Anyone need the feels today? 🎶 “Erase You” w/ @woolimusic & @HALIENE @SubsidiaRecords https://t.co/5SLt5El8VA
Excision 22 hours ago:
RT @matt_g_myers: Had to celebrate my favorite time of year with my favorite label @Excision @SubsidiaRecords https://t.co/Ziwfqb4Nw4
Excision 1 day ago:
Headbangers! There are 6 days left until the US election. It’s time to get out and vote! If politicians see our you… https://t.co/n6gCDTPCub
Excision 2 days ago:
Updated X Selections on Spotify! New tracks from @whalesfm, @HairitageMusic, @Antiserum, @DefinitiveUS,… https://t.co/zXdVXPJeaq
Excision 3 days ago:
For everyone that hasn’t watched the new Subsidia 2020 set, the team and I spent hundreds of hours remastering it f… https://t.co/yhoQ9DPAW4
Excision 5 days ago:
@Eptxc1 @SubsidiaRecords Try checking out something like a used pioneer ddjsx. Can do everything you need and run i… https://t.co/yT144fL0CT
Excision 6 days ago:
@mrtheweirdguy01 @SubsidiaRecords Black with light blue highlights :)
Excision 6 days ago:
Made a ton of new @SubsidiaRecords merch for you! New hats, beanies, & more. Limited quantity, grab em before they’… https://t.co/U5SeU4tqJY
Excision 7 days ago:
RT @Dubscribe_: @Excision This virtual stage is the craziest stage I’ve ever seen. I wanna stand there.
Excision 7 days ago:
RT @DeeJayyLess: @Excision just uploaded Subsidia Virtual Stage .... About to flip this house 🔥
Excision 1 week ago:
My virtual stage set from the Excision Subsidia Mix 2020 is out now! Immerse yourself across all of our fully anima… https://t.co/D4IQcZrEmc
Excision 1 week ago:
X Selections is updated on Spotify! New tracks from @diontimmermusic, @itsbeargrillz, @QUIX, @bbjuelz,… https://t.co/zScFEJ8lOe
Excision 1 week ago:
Updated my Detox Spotify playlist! Got some new ones from @Subtronics, @woolimusic, @GREXbeatz, @peekaboobeats,… https://t.co/zct7q4Jzj6
Excision 1 week ago:
Dropping my full @SubsidiaRecords set video on YouTube this Thursday, see you there! https://t.co/7m7tR1e5tz
Excision 1 week ago:
RT @chelsea_c7: “Home is where the bass is” 🤍🙅🏽‍♀️🦖 @Excision
Excision 1 week ago:
RT @jayramirezzz: Exactly two years ago, today was Paradox on the Rocks. @Excision tore Red rocks to shreds and it has never been the same…
Excision 2 weeks ago:
RT @saraaabitchesss: I know I can’t be the only one 🥴 https://t.co/JKZ9y1aqnB
Excision 2 weeks ago:
@_stiiiine @SubsidiaRecords @livornooo This is awesome!
Excision 2 weeks ago:
RT @_stiiiine: ✨When one journey ends, another begins.... Welcome to Subsidia✨ a little rough but i really tried🥺🖤🎃 @Excision @SubsidiaRec…
Excision 2 weeks ago:
RT @SubsidiaRecords: Transmission complete. FiSSiON EP from @yookiemusic has arrived! https://t.co/C7WBq03rOS https://t.co/o3msnFfX6O

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