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    Genre:Hardcore / Hard Techno, House
    Location:Cambridge, ON, Canada
985 official dj-rankings.com




ephixa is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Canada

ephixa is performing within the field of Hardcore / Hard Techno, House music and is ranked 985 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Ephix△🐧 5 seconds ago:
@Au5music This song should be illegal https://t.co/Xsy7B3aIkU
Ephix△🐧 17 minutes ago:
@Au5music https://t.co/pJVbzZki15
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@OSM_RL @RocketLeague It’s the best sports game probably
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
RT @lilxnarnia: ?????????????????????? https://t.co/qHzeWoUHjR
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@lilxnarnia Bots are unhinged.
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@Mat_Zo Above and beyond
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@VALENTINEtunes A&R scouting
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@annayvettemusic 21+
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@7MinutesDead Never stoop to their level, out smart the boomer. They are children but opposite.
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@7MinutesDead Report it
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@7MinutesDead Film it
Ephix△🐧 2 hours ago:
@5uperjombombo2 Nice
Ephix△🐧 3 hours ago:
@ZephenM Reality is not your enemy
Ephix△🐧 12 hours ago:
RT @gjonesbass: CW: some thoughts on consent and power dynamics https://t.co/QLRfarrK1h
Ephix△🐧 12 hours ago:
@DillonFrancis dj awareness
Ephix△🐧 13 hours ago:
@ID_AA_Carmack https://t.co/qV4CUcEReG
Ephix△🐧 13 hours ago:
RT @ID_AA_Carmack: Big AI models like GPT-3 train on massive internet text dumps, but the data is assumed to be independent and identically…
Ephix△🐧 14 hours ago:
@shadient "is your new stuff PCmusic or Real"
Ephix△🐧 16 hours ago:
@Atmozfears I want this
Ephix△🐧 16 hours ago:
@im_darkcat soundcloud

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