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    Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Zürich, Switzerland
92 official dj-rankings.com




edx is among the top DJs in the world

edx is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 92 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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EDX 7 hours ago:
😜😜😜 https://t.co/UmSBR0LYRv
EDX 4 days ago:
This weekend will feel again like a dream come true. Music is back in Chicago, Phoenix and Houston 🥳🙏🏼 #NoXcuses to… https://t.co/qnyG2wDds6
EDX 5 days ago:
RT @celine_orlando: Under the stars @edxMusic ✨ Navigate to @GrooveCruise 🛥 https://t.co/i6ddIZBAxG
EDX 6 days ago:
Zurich ✈️ Chicago NOW 🙏🏼🥳
EDX 6 days ago:
This Weekend in Chicago IL, Tempe (Phoenix) AZ and Houston TX. WHO IS INNNNNNN? #NoXcuses
EDX 6 days ago:
RT @NoraEnPure: GIVE AWAY - we're doing a free music NFT w/ @heavyprojects! A 1:00 audio-reactive visual of my newest track Oblivion, “Auro…
EDX 7 days ago:
@mattmedved Curiosity
EDX 1 week ago:
While clubs are slowly back alive in some cities 🙏🏼, I decided to release my first club tune in 12 months on April… https://t.co/ycNv5mIBKQ
EDX 1 week ago:
RT @RelentlessBeats: This Saturday we are so excited for @edxMusic & @wolfganggartner to return to Arizona when they take over Marquee Thea…
EDX 1 week ago:
RT @mikey929198555: @edxMusic yo! This weeks episode of @NoXcusesRadio is some straight house 🔥🔥 came out swinging with that new original…
EDX 2 weeks ago:
FINALLY 🙏 on my way back to AZ for a show next week with @wolfganggartner at the @MarqueeTheater in TEMEPE, AZ… https://t.co/SmrgAJRgCJ
EDX 3 weeks ago:
@GeronimoBPM Same in most states with them.
EDX 1 month ago:
RT @djgeefunk: Listening to @iBluestone in his TRONCE clubhouse chat was cool tonight! It made me remember a festive i got to play at with…
EDX 1 month ago:
VIBE VIBE in 🌵 TX this past weekend! #NoXcuses #Austin 🥳🙏🏼 https://t.co/NI4CXiysXI
EDX 1 month ago:
RT @SirupMusic: We are giving away 3 limited Sirup Backpacks! 🎒😍 You can enter the contest here: https://t.co/7BLDWM088r #sirupmusic #con…
EDX 1 month ago:
RT @EnormousTunes: The sign is everything! 🙌 #TBT to @edxMusic live at Sunrise Festival! . . #collabbro #edx #musicfestival #enormousfami…
EDX 1 month ago:
RT @sunsetevents: Don't miss out on @edxMusic debut at @theritzybor TONIGHT for #SunsetSaturdays! 🙌 Get on the guest list 👉 https://t.co/5…
EDX 2 months ago:
@TommyBarczyk Some are selling their tickets on the facebook event tab. Go to EDX FB. Show is soldout.
EDX 2 months ago:
@3LAU @Forbes Big time! Congrats.
EDX 2 months ago:
@CamelPhat Here too!

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