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    Genre:Progressive House
    Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
73 official dj-rankings.com




dyro is recognized with a solid position in the DJ community

dyro is performing within the field of Progressive House music and is ranked 73 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Dyro 6 hours ago:
@debroervanroos Deze had glittertjes.
Dyro 24 hours ago:
@Erizont0218 @wolfganggartner Damn I'm pretty sure I lost that project file but not I want to recreate it...
Dyro 6 days ago:
@TheEllenShow Do you use the retina scan function or is your iPhone not allowed to look you in the eye aswell?
Dyro 6 days ago:
Is het toekennen van slachtofferhulp niet tegelijkertijd een schuldbekenning van een misdrijf door de belastingdien… https://t.co/5utsUHEfiU
Dyro 2 weeks ago:
Where do you see yourself in the future? Me: https://t.co/HI1vBG58vT
Dyro 3 weeks ago:
@JakeUtzinger Can you email this to me? [email protected]
Dyro 3 weeks ago:
@JakeUtzinger Wait that was fast 😂
Dyro 3 weeks ago:
Can somebody make a video of Biden flipping states blue to the Flip Flop song by Pilfinger?
Dyro 4 weeks ago:
@Deorro 🍿
Dyro 4 weeks ago:
@casual_waves @fabfilter I'll check it out, thank you!
Dyro 4 weeks ago:
@casual_waves @fabfilter I'm using the macro for smart disable. Am I going to manually turn all the EQ's back on?
Dyro 4 weeks ago:
@fabfilter hi guys, I have an issue with the dynamic function of pro-eq3. Everytims I leave project idle overnight,… https://t.co/MTzSUYxFLy
Dyro 4 weeks ago:
@djsnake haha this is fire
Dyro 1 month ago:
@9GAG @MeowedOfficial Should be "maybe it's mayfeline". Missed a huge opportunity...
Dyro 1 month ago:
@Jauzofficial I sure hope so
Dyro 1 month ago:
@djSandroSilva @Bassjackers Ya me too lol
Dyro 1 month ago:
Often after a full studio day I have a hard time shutting of my brain. It's like it's still making music in my head. Any tips?
Dyro 1 month ago:
@DjJonnyRocha @EDMHouseNet Love it
Dyro 1 month ago:
@EDMHouseNet Lmao, who brought his mom?
Dyro 2 months ago:
September. De maand van de slecht getimede reclames.

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