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    Genre:Electro House, Progressive House
    Location:Colombo, Sri Lanka
19212 official dj-rankings.com

Sri Lanka



dropwizz is a DJ from Sri Lanka

dropwizz is performing within the field of Electro House, Progressive House music and is ranked 19212 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Kavi 1 week ago:
@Wealthsimple $dropwizz 💸💸💸
Kavi 2 weeks ago:
@pushcollective_ @YaBoiYen @thenytclub @kadenabass @_blurrdvznmusic @alphatransmusic @Dabowmusic @lynyofficial… https://t.co/PwdB1whx2g
Kavi 3 weeks ago:
@RunnitOfficial What a cutie!!!
Kavi 3 weeks ago:
@bonsaicollct @capshun @1800silvabeats @ElysianRecords @therobyguy @bexlomusic @RawrMusique @overspacemusic… https://t.co/hxLX6yDcVD
Kavi 3 weeks ago:
@thenytclub @ELIMINAmusic @feelsomeTYPOway @robumusic @alphatransmusic @DinkthePoof @kadenabass @kureimusic… https://t.co/ibs1hL0GGq
Kavi 3 weeks ago:
RT @thenytclub: NYT CLUB IS ELATED TO [OFFICIALLY] PRESENT: NOT YOUR TYPE [COMPILATION 001] [OUT NOW] for streaming / download via [SOUN…
Kavi 4 weeks ago:
RT @fuxwithitblog: [email protected] unveils stacked 'NOT YOUR TYPE 001' compilation featuring @kadenabass, @dropwizz, @robumusic, @kureimusic,…
Kavi 4 weeks ago:
@fuxwithitblog @thenytclub @kadenabass @robumusic @kureimusic @KizerMusicOffic Aye let’s go, thank you fam! ❤️
Kavi 4 weeks ago:
@fuxwithitblog @Dabowmusic @SanTarraf @mertprod @CRAZEARONI @EsseksMusic @nostalgixmusic @aboveandbelowco @ImBN__… https://t.co/tHYM0vNfKd
Kavi 1 month ago:
@alphatransmusic @BASSFACEDUBS @chomppadub @thenytclub @kadenabass Hahaha this is wild. Proud of you my child 😂😂😂
Kavi 1 month ago:
@thenytclub @AudiusProject @Anoxex @ashezmusic @alphatransmusic @BAGG_Music @BuzzJuniorMusic @deafadilmusic… https://t.co/MJPISmOtp7
Kavi 1 month ago:
RT @thenytclub: [announcement incoming] w/ @AudiusProject @Anoxex @ashezmusic @alphatransmusic @BAGG_Music @BuzzJuniorMusic @deafadil…
Kavi 1 month ago:
@SableValley @RLGRIME @ISOxo_ So fkn sick!
Kavi 1 month ago:
@ISOxo_ @RLGRIME @SableValley Dream come true man!
Kavi 1 month ago:
@KUMOCollective https://t.co/zBgwNwc8g6 😁😁
Kavi 1 month ago:
RT @RLGRIME: music is good
Kavi 1 month ago:
DROPWIZZ x ⁦@djride1⁩ - SEDATIVE on ⁦⁦@AudiusProject⁩ 😤😤😤 https://t.co/zF1jqNK25f
Kavi 1 month ago:
RT @kadenabass: my first guest mix in a year is live over at @pushcollective_ ft IDs from myself @chomppadub @itselderbass @franklydank @…
Kavi 1 month ago:
@kadenabass @pushcollective_ @chomppadub @itselderbass @franklydank @alphatransmusic @iamofficialanti… https://t.co/cCYZGoyvfu
Kavi 2 months ago:
@kadenabass Let's gooo, looking absolutely fuego! 👏👏👏

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