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    Genre:commercial dance
8378 official dj-rankings.com


dances with white girls is a DJ from

dances with white girls is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 8378 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Desmond Guetta 8 minutes ago:
Then again maybe if i reach out calmly to these people individually Something could happen That’s going to requir… https://t.co/NxQpSvdPmJ
Desmond Guetta 16 minutes ago:
I also have a problem with pale spaces forcing you to get rid of your healthy distrust of certain actions which hav… https://t.co/Zyfl8Xs8o8
Desmond Guetta 23 minutes ago:
I also don’t know if any of my voice matter in edm outside a club Which is a really nervous concept to me my dise… https://t.co/lXIppeGfBP
Desmond Guetta 27 minutes ago:
And bringing more black people into edm would only help your pockets yes some bros will be uncomfortable But if yo… https://t.co/nBKAuqAHee
Desmond Guetta 30 minutes ago:
Since we were posting black squares on IG i posted this https://t.co/xGhjuw0sJ0
Desmond Guetta 31 minutes ago:
Also you labels should not let any urban influence stop you from signing things a lot of you are missing out on mon… https://t.co/Ee3Q0dzfw3
Desmond Guetta 31 minutes ago:
It’s basically 1. just earmarking free tickets for lower income black ravers 2. making sure art car spots or whatev… https://t.co/Q4JuDegREE
Desmond Guetta 31 minutes ago:
Anyway I’m going to shower and Try to write a composed instagram post of some fucking sort Cause my new thing is… https://t.co/leGj9Vw2GU
Desmond Guetta 37 minutes ago:
“Don’t post pictures of your cat post about the cause” Actually no buddy i need to post pictures of my cat and my… https://t.co/mUUvAQCpgs
Desmond Guetta 40 minutes ago:
My issue is basically this still will revert into you must be the happy negro and i mean fuckit I’m not poor so i s… https://t.co/IGqaRJDdjI
Desmond Guetta 40 minutes ago:
There seems to be when existing in certain spaces a lot of pale pressure maybe it’s pales pressuring pale and Not… https://t.co/sVzzK7HLkR
Desmond Guetta 43 minutes ago:
My other issue with this time is A fake sort of Kumbaya attitude when i think nope this person proved themselves t… https://t.co/JUIfPXi7lI
Desmond Guetta 45 minutes ago:
People expecting a certain level of composed writing on emotional topics especially when you are black in certain s… https://t.co/TtWIEqA5Hw
Desmond Guetta 49 minutes ago:
My biggest issue with this time is Everyone expects you to use some composed writing Like your are media trained a… https://t.co/i9TP549jYY
Desmond Guetta 54 minutes ago:
Y’all still arguing with random racist accounts that have no friends who want to get a rise out of you Please don’t but whatever
Desmond Guetta 2 hours ago:
RT @LilNasX: i know y’all mean well but... bro saying stop posting for a day is the worst idea ever
Desmond Guetta 2 hours ago:
RT @JSTJR: Seen many artists with massive followings posting photos of fists in the air with “we need change now” or whatever... I’m sorry…
Desmond Guetta 2 hours ago:
RT @justbrad: Seen some of the greatest minds of my generation jump on ill-advised social media trends 🙃
Desmond Guetta 2 hours ago:
RT @LilNasX: this is not helping us. bro who the hell thought of this?? ppl need to see what’s going on
Desmond Guetta 2 hours ago:
This black squares only talk about the movement Shit stuff lol you Are going to miss me with that buddy Cause i b… https://t.co/JTl2NeheHG

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