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    Genre:Tech House, Techno
    Location:San Francisco, United States
453 official dj-rankings.com

United States



claude vonstroke is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

claude vonstroke is performing within the field of Tech House, Techno music and is ranked 453 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Claude VonStroke 6 hours ago:
Who on flamingo fam? VonMingo got spirit for you. Get flappy @CamplNN https://t.co/UszZQE4cUR
Claude VonStroke 1 day ago:
Who’s on Gator Gang? VonSwamp got that Florida swamp booty. https://t.co/YOC9ZwUWZj https://t.co/TG8z3o4qJG
Claude VonStroke 2 days ago:
Underwater with Scuba Stroke. Who's on Scuba Squad @CamplNN ? https://t.co/Pz9E3OGR6v
Claude VonStroke 3 days ago:
Claudes Construction sample pack demo championship ends tonight at midnight! I will play the winning track on my ra… https://t.co/7lv7AUGhWa
Claude VonStroke 4 days ago:
This wild track is on the new Hidden Gems compilation, just in case you missed it the first time around!… https://t.co/h6CjJnpJX2
Claude VonStroke 5 days ago:
Oh cool only 4 demos this week we’re titled “shake it”
Claude VonStroke 1 week ago:
The original promo clip for flubblebuddy. I was inspired to make this track by all the old school playhouse label a… https://t.co/SlfQqNAAIZ
Claude VonStroke 1 week ago:
Last week to get your music in to win this thing! Get yourself on @Dirtybird and get it together baby.… https://t.co/5E8l4wkGq3
Claude VonStroke 2 weeks ago:
I’m kidding. You can get my sound for only half your soul. https://t.co/rxq1exRLhL https://t.co/rnxSJhyTXP
Claude VonStroke 2 weeks ago:
My twin brother @BarclayCrenshaw did an NFT with @FannypackFilms https://t.co/txhH3d64Cb https://t.co/qbbYPDaHNp
Claude VonStroke 3 weeks ago:
It’s Uncle Funk he’s here for you. Hot servings of funk available now if you can handle it. https://t.co/rxq1exAaqd https://t.co/LQimS8A5co
Claude VonStroke 4 weeks ago:
Super proud that we can throw an event completely in our own lane with all the artists we develop in house and spec… https://t.co/n2V1FcCXKl
Claude VonStroke 4 weeks ago:
I tried so hard to pull off the full belly flop but I couldn’t get my mind to lay out the family jewels like that.… https://t.co/RWH2w8ranW
Claude VonStroke 4 weeks ago:
Choppin up all the little bits for you and your friends to chomp on. Sample pack is crazy. Get it and enter the pro… https://t.co/SYIf2qgYp0
Claude VonStroke 4 weeks ago:
my sample pack is real. music created by me for you to make even better. Don’t forget to enter the contest. New pri… https://t.co/sUvQFRqdDQ
Claude VonStroke 1 month ago:
yes the rumors are real this fest is going. Lineup drop just days away and it’s super fun. I’m so excited like Will… https://t.co/VUGrvgPwBO
Claude VonStroke 1 month ago:
Been a pleasure having @thisisnalaa become such a big part of @Dirtybird this year from her weekly TV party to this… https://t.co/xSqcrN5t8k
Claude VonStroke 1 month ago:
submit a demo track straight to me. I already listen to every demo but these will get priority this month as I try… https://t.co/tMm1xmOUBf
Claude VonStroke 1 month ago:
Proud of my wife @AundyCrenshaw who put this all together. All $ that comes in goes back directly to the artists. L… https://t.co/Z8uiTj1S2q
Claude VonStroke 1 month ago:
Full support 100% we are hosting a women in music festival on twitch starting March 11th come hang out online with… https://t.co/HzvXeiUbci

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