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    Location:Croydon, United Kingdom
323 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



benga is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

benga is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 323 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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iambenga 5 days ago:
@LOST_DUBS Yo I hope your good. Yeah it’s cool no doubt do remix! 👊🏾
iambenga 5 days ago:
RT @sonyatvpubuk: Wishing dubstep pioneer @iambenga a happy birthday! Marking the occasion with the influential #Night as our #Saturday #S…
iambenga 4 weeks ago:
Love this! https://t.co/R6oFT1SHBF
iambenga 1 month ago:
True statement! 👊🏾 https://t.co/kqQm1h6WBa
iambenga 2 months ago:
“making girls skream like benga” putting pressure on me bruv! https://t.co/FPAd32TFJS
iambenga 3 months ago:
@I_Skream I want 5% of your career going forward 😁
iambenga 4 months ago:
RT @I_Skream: Tomorrow if you fancy a few jars. Should be fun. Few tables left now *need to prebook due to covid innit... https://t.co/xP…
iambenga 4 months ago:
@xlnt44 @_Aiibee @RealistGlizzy @FabrizioRomano @SkySport This! This is a guy that understands...
iambenga 4 months ago:
@G_Medford Yes my brother! 👊🏾
iambenga 4 months ago:
Drawing records that nobody else has! ♥️👊🏾 https://t.co/MuoSQH85Va
iambenga 4 months ago:
RT @I_Skream: If you’re looking for a Friday night soundtrack get your ears wrapped around this
iambenga 4 months ago:
@insomniax_dnb @I_Skream ♥️ thanks mate
iambenga 4 months ago:
@DaveQ__ Big up 👊🏾
iambenga 4 months ago:
@BluPosner Big up mate 👊🏾
iambenga 4 months ago:
Thanks a lot mate https://t.co/B8BKZDmfpx
iambenga 4 months ago:
RT @I_Skream: PT 2 of the @iambenga interview https://t.co/3wnuZkXipn I can’t recommend something highly enough.
iambenga 4 months ago:
RT @I_Skream: https://t.co/AxPf8MDm7K
iambenga 5 months ago:
RT @I_Skream: From the era when I was getting started. Samples and the famous TS404 plug in only. I don’t have any of the original files fo…
iambenga 5 months ago:
Here’s a new link https://t.co/lo78WNDjdB it’s part 1 of the journey strong chat I had with my brother @beingalphie… https://t.co/QQBRCEdmt2
iambenga 5 months ago:
I did an interview with my brother @beingalphie 3 weeks ago here’s how it turned out: https://t.co/LWmLQJfN80

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