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    Genre:Electro House, Electronica, Progressive House
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
    Date of birth:1987-07-03
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United States



Asi Vidal, an international Dj, Producer and Remixer, His style range from deep electro house to progressive house and uplifting techno, The keyword that describe His music sets and productions is Energy Flow!

asi vidal is 33 years old, and his zodiac is Cancer.

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Asi Vidal 7 days ago:
My latest single ‘The Bass’ Is out now on @rhinostarmusic Listen and get your copy here 🔥🎧✌️ #electrohouse… https://t.co/o8tsLwqJsf
Asi Vidal 1 week ago:
My new single "The Bass" is coming out tomorrow! Listen and pre-order here🎧✌️🙏 https://t.co/PIgNQkiF51 #beatport v… https://t.co/pKC87BTXDX
Asi Vidal 2 weeks ago:
RT @rhinostarmusic: New single by @asividal is coming out June 24! The Bass is a big room banger full of energy with a pounding kick and a…
Asi Vidal 4 weeks ago:
This song I loved and remix back in 2015 and it’s makes much more sense then ever this year! Peace ✌🏻 John Legend… https://t.co/6EJIAs1v2K
Asi Vidal 4 weeks ago:
New month new remix✌️🔊🔊🔊 Press play and let me know what you think in the Comments Section ▶️🎧 Galantis - Run Awa… https://t.co/SP0K0Sj0ao
Asi Vidal 2 months ago:
Drive by music parade for Lag Baomer was fun 👍🏻 #EDM #dj https://t.co/1Q9WQbUr5Z
Asi Vidal 2 months ago:
Clubbers Techno is now available on https://t.co/ySZ1FwysK6 via @producerloops.com
Asi Vidal 2 months ago:
Listen to my new remix Motorcycle - As The Rush Come Asi Vidal Remix #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/UyyuzbHmo7
Asi Vidal 2 months ago:
Throwback to my vacation time in New York 2017 ✈️✌🏻#tbt #vacationtime https://t.co/1II1yL1DFg
Asi Vidal 3 months ago:
Plan your week in advance so you don’t get lost in all your things to do... #mondaymotivation #fyp #coronatime… https://t.co/KPHcwPphg4
Asi Vidal 3 months ago:
Mask for djs 😷 made with headband and plastic page protector #DIY #djmask https://t.co/UbIBvrMcs2
Asi Vidal 3 months ago:
Thursday mission! Pick up groceries 😷 https://t.co/9VwQv8Rlmj
Asi Vidal 3 months ago:
If you feeling stressed or just need some entertainment listen to #electroclub on sound cloud for free 🤙🏻✌🏻😷 https://t.co/xpCbXlMhB0
Asi Vidal 4 months ago:
Don’t let the media scared you guys, prepare yourself but keep doing your thing ✌🏻#StayStrong #wewillwin… https://t.co/4AaoDFlS4F
Asi Vidal 4 months ago:
RT @rhinostarmusic: We Just Updated our Ultimate list of Free VST Plugins and Synths! Check It Out https://t.co/510VpDYvqZ
Asi Vidal 4 months ago:
RT @rhinostarmusic: Did you check out our Sample Packs and Construction Kits yet? #samplepacks https://t.co/kmE8kcr5Tz
Asi Vidal 4 months ago:
RT @rhinostarmusic: Bottle - New Single by SEM!O is coming up 03-12-20! Pre Save it on your Favorite Listening Platform⬇️✌️ #SEMIO #Bottle…
Asi Vidal 4 months ago:
RT @rhinostarmusic: New single by @SemioDj called Bottle is out in stores! Go check it out #Semio #techno #progressive https://t.co/EdDSyHA…
Asi Vidal 4 months ago:
RT @rhinostarmusic: New single by @semio is out now! #techno #semio #rhinostar https://t.co/qGPvBaJ24L #beatport via @beatport
Asi Vidal 4 months ago:
Remix tactics.Tip 1 Start with the vocal or the main hook and build around it #remixing #musicproduction… https://t.co/dEjLcSfpPk

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