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    Genre:Chill Out, Trance
    Location:York, United Kingdom
330 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



activa is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

activa is performing within the field of Chill Out, Trance music and is ranked 330 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Activa 1 hour ago:
Get your copies today people! Don’t forget there’s a repress of Altered State too! https://t.co/NSibj9qX6Q
Activa 5 hours ago:
Pretty sure it’s the final Bandcamp Friday of 2020 today! For those that may not have a copy, Tri Series part one i… https://t.co/PrWMh2pJLb
Activa 1 day ago:
I don’t care about the ‘followers’ competition. A number means nothing to me and the scene as a whole, needs to sto… https://t.co/8rfxkSILpG
Activa 1 day ago:
I will be using a mixture of the @Bandcamp platform and a new website that is being developed at the moment. If y… https://t.co/rl9FlD3KJF
Activa 1 day ago:
I think it’s time to start taking action against the things that I think are negatively affecting my outlook on mus… https://t.co/cU13zthIjw
Activa 2 days ago:
@belinda3mm @Spotify Thank you for your support. 🙏
Activa 6 days ago:
Bit of progressive breaks for a Saturday morning! @johndopping @beatmanludmilla https://t.co/QI8lMMJTH8
Activa 1 week ago:
In My Memory - 4x LP Just Be - 4x Coloured LP Parade of The Athletes - 4x White LP All in immaculate condition.
Activa 1 week ago:
To fund part of the Tri-Series project (a high quality outer sleeve that costs nearly as much as one of the records… https://t.co/wVO4Ysr5zT
Activa 1 week ago:
@SteveHelstrip New stuff using time code vinyl.
Activa 1 week ago:
As well as buying vinyl, but that’s a given!
Activa 1 week ago:
I seem to have developed an addiction to manufacturing vinyl. 😁👍
Activa 1 week ago:
@SpyderTracks Thanks for the support. 🙏
Activa 1 week ago:
@ILikeItPure @BT. Dudes a legend.
Activa 1 week ago:
@djaspen 😆
Activa 1 week ago:
@djaspen I’ve never had a manager.
Activa 1 week ago:
@djaspen From an artists / producers perspective though it’s needed. Or at least it’s perceived to be needed - I do… https://t.co/mCSdnQUGKY
Activa 1 week ago:
@Kuffdam Trying to find a way to rid myself of as much of it as possible.
Activa 1 week ago:
Walking close to the line with social media. It’s mainly vile and influential in the worst ways, with very little o… https://t.co/ZSKuYiSvjP
Activa 2 weeks ago:
It’s not that I wish I didn’t need sleep, but I certainly wish that all of the ill effects caused by lack of sleep… https://t.co/7it8v1YLgK

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