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Kanye West And DeadMau5 Twitter Feud Goes On

18:47 Mar/08/2016

Kanye West is not new to twitter feuds. Now it is the time for Deadmau5 to be under attack of a series of ''sarcastic'' tweets from the American rapper. Kanye West And DeadMau5 Twitter Feud Goes On.

Some days ago Kanye West was called out by Deadmau5 after sharing a screenshot of his desktop in which it could be clearly seen that the American rapper was downloading an illegal copy of Serum, a software that costs about $189.

Deadmau5 called him "a dick" and an "hypocrite". Of course Kanye did not miss the opportunity to jump back on his twitter to send a series of comments all referring to Deadmau5's mouse head.

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