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    Genre:commercial dance
8378 official dj-rankings.com


dances with white girls is a DJ from

dances with white girls is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 8378 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Covid, Earl And Me 3 minutes ago:
@wasntmebro Thanks for joining wasntmebro I was thinking it was Alanannis morrissete🤷🏾‍♂️
Covid, Earl And Me 4 minutes ago:
😭😭😭😭 who was that that got stuck in Quentin Tarantino movie studio on cocaine with her boyfriend so she quit coke it cracks me up
Covid, Earl And Me 5 minutes ago:
Thanks for joining CHADTXTBOOK Wowwww lets gooooo!!!! QUENTIN KILL BILL SPINOFF FINALE!!! https://t.co/QOTHDUCwr7
Covid, Earl And Me 26 minutes ago:
Let Quentin write it Have a black woman direct it Not to be woke i just like Quentin more as a writer and It wo… https://t.co/8jflIegW5i
Covid, Earl And Me 29 minutes ago:
Nothing in the education system is about learning it’s just getting the next grade so you can get a job soo this don’t surprise me
Covid, Earl And Me 29 minutes ago:
A high percentage of Americans on both sides cant understand this This Doctor is speaking very simple But they do… https://t.co/phFTrmkDOv
Covid, Earl And Me 32 minutes ago:
RT @LLCFertco: Social distancing in NY is a disaster the city is not made for it we may as well just shut the entire thing down and all move
Covid, Earl And Me 32 minutes ago:
Inauguration AINT till January folks 😭😭😭😭 And you think the handover from trump to Biden will be easy 😭😭 He gutted… https://t.co/yu9j2uH5fy
Covid, Earl And Me 38 minutes ago:
RT @AyoCaesar: *** NEW VIDEO *** White Lines Matter? In the UK, evidence suggests white people are more likely to take drugs than other e…
Covid, Earl And Me 42 minutes ago:
RT @CarterCruise: patiently awaiting mia’s response to this but i guess she’s too busy RTing the islamaphobic, trump-loving & kkk-defending…
Covid, Earl And Me 45 minutes ago:
The problem is they stay at the same case level which leads to complacency and the case level is too high which mea… https://t.co/qAqFZv1EMc
Covid, Earl And Me 48 minutes ago:
I don’t know what you people learned I mean i do i have worked with mad public school kids But I’ll say this I’m… https://t.co/CqqBXtjekZ
Covid, Earl And Me 49 minutes ago:
I be arguing with people about a virus and all i think is You def got a fucking c or cheated on your Petri dish ex… https://t.co/Ug2yovFslU
Covid, Earl And Me 50 minutes ago:
New York is about to fuck itself again And i told people they were like nah i was like OKAY!!!
Covid, Earl And Me 53 minutes ago:
Actually white girl djs get paid more and more gigs than black male djs and an magnitude of an order more gigs than… https://t.co/xGZw9frBFK
Covid, Earl And Me 55 minutes ago:
People be like “Why are you reading these papers” So i can plan for my life lol i just go Oh yeah okay welp this is how it’s going down
Covid, Earl And Me 59 minutes ago:
@diplo Jealous wowwww
Covid, Earl And Me 1 hour ago:
People will watch a YouTube video And argue with you about the theory of relativity or gravity swear to god
Covid, Earl And Me 1 hour ago:
@savagedemman Thanks for joining averageedmman we both been knew on this side sad
Covid, Earl And Me 1 hour ago:
RT @savagedemman: @dances we living in the new normal, we’ll be stuck with this virus til at least 2022 regional closure/reopening cycles…

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