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    Genre:commercial dance
8839 official dj-rankings.com


dances with white girls is a DJ from

dances with white girls is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 8839 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Krash Bandzgetcoochie 2 minutes ago:
My other cousin is on the block right now he was in a mass shooting in the past year There were 728 shootings in P… https://t.co/iNlA0IYu2I
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 2 minutes ago:
I lost 4 friends this year none from the virus one of my best friends from my graffiti gang fell off a building I… https://t.co/SqmRSYn4L8
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 4 minutes ago:
“Just cause you do well alone” 😭😭😭😭 Lol i adapted to isolation cause of the hospital I’m different “People aren’t… https://t.co/lp0y0mnGpV
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 10 minutes ago:
I say this as a person who be on the block selling nutcrackers taking walks whatever 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ I don’t see none of… https://t.co/oB8OLMBwP1
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 14 minutes ago:
@harlequinofh8 Thansk for joining kasey why don’t you ask that questions of the 11 bipoc who liked that tweet from… https://t.co/CNdhoP29za
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 16 minutes ago:
Thanks for joining kasey I’m talking about some black shit I suggest you shuffle out this convo https://t.co/Dv6qC2tTz2
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 17 minutes ago:
A lot of y’all out there is going to be In for a rude awakening when it’s safe to hit the streets Because it won’… https://t.co/FESMJ7yqHs
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 20 minutes ago:
And that’s why i smoke so much weed
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 24 minutes ago:
When king von died i saw asian doll tweet about how von said he was in mad pain so he just be willing i though abou… https://t.co/oYacHLSA1N
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 28 minutes ago:
And once again the only mental health issues y’all really care about is Sad white people tears Y’all never think… https://t.co/oUe5IIkw2h
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 33 minutes ago:
Not sure if i can handle another pale who’s life is truthfully doing well Talk about their mental health problems… https://t.co/kyuO0zqmZs
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 36 minutes ago:
Privileged White people inability to handle stress during the pandemic and loudly proclaiming this the worst time o… https://t.co/rVUVG0AUVt
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 53 minutes ago:
RT @Judnikki: it’s the only place they are cordial to ppl who are not white.
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 54 minutes ago:
@Pradajames https://t.co/NpH7GU8Fc7
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 2 hours ago:
@_UncleRon_ Thansk for joining nba old head It’s Dancesbaby Also u know i had to like struggle to look for it
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 2 hours ago:
Soooo i need to buy a 4K tv Because ummmmmm I keep on getting lost in video games Cause i can’t see what’s going… https://t.co/Njd1TUV9Tg
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 3 hours ago:
Ugh the vibe in LA strip clubs first night after the pandemic whoooooo
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 3 hours ago:
RT @DGisSERIOUS: The right way to win any argument with an NYC elitist is just to post pictures of your backyard or the size of your kitche…
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 3 hours ago:
yall literally gave a person who as i look right now cant mange to get more than 10k monthly plays on spotify in fr… https://t.co/iVrh8tKbYA
Krash Bandzgetcoochie 3 hours ago:
i have a sneaky suspicion that even if i released a beatport top 10 solo even if i got gigs yall would put a rich… https://t.co/zJfilyu0Kx

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