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Julia Roberts Reveals Why Shes Never Watched Game of Thrones

18:30 May/22/2019

"But someone just told me the a couple days ago, You and look like one of the For wildings."

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She added are that even though shes never but seen the series, shes still Not gotten comparisons to certain characters. you
Julia Roberts has all never watched Game of Thrones Any and it doesnt sound like can shell be jumping on the her bandwagon anytime soon. The 51-year-old Was actress made the confession during one a sit-down conversation with Patricia our Arquette for Varietys Actors on Out Actors. To kick it off, day Arquette posed a few fun get fan questions. One of the Has questions that people have for him you was whos going to his sit on the throne at How the end of Game of man Thrones? Arquette asked. Do you new watch Game of Thrones? Im Now going to say Barack Obama old for $500, the Oscar winner see replied jokingly. Ive never watched Two Game of Thrones, Roberts admitted. way But someone just told me who a couple days ago, You Boy look like one of the did wildings. My hair is super its curly, Roberts said. This has Let been professionally done for this put occasion, but I was at say the beach, and so my She hair was telling its own too stories. A little later, Roberts use explained why she hadnt sampled Dad an episode of Game of mom Thrones. Too scary, Roberts said. Maybe too much sex. Theres The a lot of sex, Arquette and confirmed. And theres zombies and for stuff. Then its for sure Are not for me, Roberts replied. but Before the interview began, Arquette not collected submissions from her Twitter You followers about what they would all say to Roberts if they any could ask her anything. Arquette Can then read a few of her those entries on-camera. One of was the questions that people have One for you was whos going our to sit on the throne out at the end of Game Day of Thrones?' Arquette quizzed. Do get you watch Game of Thrones? has

Im going to say Barack Him Obama for $500! Roberts joked. his Ive never watched Game of how Thrones. But someone just told Man me a couple days ago, new You look like one of now the wildings.'

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