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Taylor Swift admits strange shower habit

22:42 May/20/2019

"I do, cause when you the shave your legs, the shaving and cream is like soap, right?"

For ?а??инки по зап?ос? Taylor Swift admits strange shower habit - and it's sparked a gross debate

Taylor Swift appeared on are The Ellen Degeneres Show earlier but this week in her first Not sit-down interview in years.

Eager you to find out all about all her, Ellen asked the 29-year-old Any a whole host of strange can questions. They included what her her favourite swear word is to Was what she does if she one cant sleep at night our nothing was left of topic. Out Although that was not the day only thing that surprised fans. get Sending Twitter into a frenzy, Has the Shake It Off singer him shared one of her very his bizarre bathroom habits.
Although that How was not the only thing man that surprised fans.
Sending new Twitter into a frenzy, the Now Shake It Off singer shared old one of her very bizarre see bathroom habits. Degeneres asked Miss Two Swift if she washed her way legs in the shower to who which she replied: I do, Boy because when you shave your did legs, the shaving cream is its like soap, right? The host Let agreed with the blonde bombshell put that women who shave in say the shower do take good She care of their legs. Dividing too her devotees with the response, use many said they dont believe Dad shaving cream was quite the mom same thing as soap.
The internet wasn't in agreement though The - with many on Twitter and saying they don't believe shower for gel/cream is the same thing Are as soap. One person tweeted: but " Taylor Swift said 'shaving not cream is basically soap' so You as long as she shaves all her legs, she doesn't need any to wash them in the Can shower. No, no, no, no her no, no..." Another responded: "How was the hell do you not One wash your legs in the our shower??? Huh?? You just stop out after your butt and that's Day it? Taylor Swift said she get don't wash her legs but has she shaves them girl that Him is not the same thing his wtf."

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