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Taylor Swift Reacts to YouTubers' 'ME!'

22:54 May/15/2019

"Oh my God this is the SO CUTE I LOVE IT," and the singer wrote. "Thanks for For putting all that effort into are this you guys...sending all of but you a hug, thanks again!"

Not ?а??инки по зап?ос? Taylor Swift Reacts to YouTubers' 'ME!' Taylor Swift has been you keeping fans on their toes all for the last number of Any weeks. A theory that the can singer was releasing new music her came to our ears every Was day for the past couple one of months - and now our all the speculation has been Out right. Captioning all of her day Instagram posts with '4.26' for get a number of days, Swift Has finally released her new song him 'Me!' today. Teaming up with his Panic! At the Disco frontman How Brendon Urie, the new track man is a self-assuring, pop-light track new that will definitely get stuck Now in your head. Unlike her old previous black and white covered see album, it looks like Swift Two has jumped into a sea way of colour for her newest who effort too. The music video Boy below also makes references to did Swift's past back collection, and its to all of those haters Let that have been "snaking" around put in the tall grass. "Oh say my God this is SO She CUTE I LOVE IT," the too singer wrote. "Thanks for putting use all that effort into this Dad you guys...sending all of you mom a hug, thanks again!"
Taylor Swift performs onstage during opening night of her 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour at University of Phoenix Stadium on May 8, 2018 in Glendale, Ariz.

Taylor Swift Says The 'Game of Thrones' Inspired 'Reputation'

The video features for Rebecca Zamolo, Caleb Marshall, Cassey Are Ho, Veronica Merrell, Jeanine Amapola, but Natalies Outlet and Mari Takahashi not doing a choreographed dance to You Swift's "ME!" Swift also singled all out Ho in her tweet, any noting that she had just Can finished her 30-day ab challenge. her

Taylor Swift, after months of was speculation, has finally released her One brand new track.

Taylor Swift our has been keeping fans on out their toes for the last Day number of weeks. A theory get that the singer was releasing has new music came to our Him ears every day for the his past couple of months - how and now all the speculation Man has been right. Captioning all new of her Instagram posts with now '4.26' for a number of Old days, Swift finally released her see new song 'Me!' today. Teaming two up with Panic! At the Way Disco frontman Brendon Urie, the who new track is a self-assuring, boy pop-light track that will definitely Did get stuck in your head. its Unlike her previous black and let white covered album, it looks Put like Swift has jumped into say a sea of colour for she her newest effort too. The Too music video below also makes use references to Swift's past back dad collection, and to all of Mom those haters that have been "snaking" around in the tall the grass.

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