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Watch Lizzo and Este Haim recreate iconic ‘Anchorman’

14:36 May/01/2019

"Girl when do you SLEEP but thank you for continually blessing us with yourself" and "I'm probably going to create a new account just to like this more than once."

One fan even believed that the video is a sign of good things to come, tweeting, "I will forever stan this multi talented queen. She is making moves and influences in pop culture and I cannot wait for her to blossom and just flex on the music scene."

Ð?аÑ?Ñ?инки по запÑ?осÑ? Watch Lizzo Perfectly Recreate The Iconic â??Anchormanâ?? Jazz Flute Scene

The ‘Juice’ singer started the #FluteAndShoot social media challenge last year, which Will Ferrell – in character of Ron Burgundy – responded to with his own performance. Lizzo posted the clip to Instagram, along with the caption: “YOU’RE GOIN DOWN, BURGUNDY!!!”

After showing off her flute-playing skills in an audition for the role of Ursula in The Little Mermaid, Lizzo has again impressed the Internet with her lifelong talent as an instrumentalist. In a brand new video, the rapper recreated the famous Anchorman jazz flute scene, and it is everything.

For her answer to Will's challenge, she created her own version of the club in which Ron first performs the jazz flute. However, her establishment is named Lizzo, naturally, and Este Haim makes an appearance, encouraging Lizzo to perform. The video — which is titled "The Legend of Lizzo" — has the rapper impressing the club with her jazz-flute playing skills. For her version of the scene, Lizzo borrows a few moves from Ron, adding a dash of flute to her recently released single "Juice." Performing on stage, she launches into a rendition that features her stomping on tables, popping in under a bathroom stall, and, of course, a finale with flames.

The clip sees her at a jazz bar with Este Haim, where she reveals that she “dabbles” in jazz flute, before accepting a request to perform on stage and unleashing a flute rendition of her recent single “Juice” – with pyrotechnics included.

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