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Can We Please Talk About Katy Perry's Engagement Ring?

23:06 Feb/28/2019

It was an unexpected announcement given the fact that they’ve been in an on-off relationship for the past three years. Katy Perrytook fans by surprise when she posted a picture of her pretty floral ring and announced that she was engaged to Orlando Bloom on Valentine’s Day. Revealing the news on Instagram, she captioned the picture, ‘Full bloom’. News that the two were seeing each other first emerged when they were spotted paddle-boarding together in Italy, with Bloom raising eyebrows by going completely nude.

On one hand, we're always here for an unconventional engagement ring, especially when that means unique shape and stone. Whatever this pink center stone may be—some are guessing that it's a pink diamond, others are saying it could be a ruby—we love that she's rocking something that's not a ginormous clear diamond.

He estimates that the ruby is about 2 carats and the diamond halo is 2.5 carats, making the entire engagement ring more than 4.5 carats altogether. E! reports the ring would retail for approximately $5 million.

“When you wear rings with larger carat, higher-grade gemstones aligned with a specific planet, it strengthens the area of your life that the planet governs,” says Askinosie. “Wearing a combination of diamonds and high-quality pink stones on your ring finger activates your connection to Venus and its love energy. In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful gemstone combinations for wedding or engagement rings. This ring also has eight diamonds surrounding the central gemstone, which represents the power of their love and a prosperous relationship.”

He also isn’t surprised to see Perry and Bloom get a non-traditional engagement ring. “It fits their personality. There’s a growing trend in couples wanting to step out of the box and buy a one-of-a-kind engagement ring,” Mobley says. “My guess is that Katy has a special connection to the color red which is why Orlando choose a ruby.”

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