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A Sit Down With DJ Super Flu

14:26 Nov/24/2017

Felix Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz are real musicians, using both machines and instruments to produce their songs and having even realized the performance to perform with an entire orchestra.

Super Flu stand alone with their own unique style of music. Super Flu (Mathias Schwarz and Felix Thielemannare) are based in Halle/Germany. Their music combines a very artistic and experimental side that always brings high energy that has the dancefloor moving. Their label Monaberry is one of the most popular labels in the world and has introduced major talents to electronic music like ANDHIM, MONKEY SAFARI, and CASCANDY.


"You can get lost in the tiny details and build another modulation here or add an element somewhere which is heard just once in the whole track, but at some point it is also a matter of time".


How you started making music? What is your background as musicians and producers?

We met in our home town Halle. Mathias was already DJing a bit in the region whilst Feliks was a dedicated choirboy. From the moment we met we decided to put all our knowledge, all our Sven Väth tapes, all our Reason loops and our contacts together and start Super Flu.

Who came up with the name Super Flu? Do any of you actually get sick?

Nope, because Flu just means :Foreskin Leather Uniform".

Do you prefer studio production or live performance, or both equally?

Usually we only play DJ sets combined with some live guitar effects. This is the most fun for us. Of course we have also built a live set-up to play a few gigs with, but it doesn’t really satisfy our conception about what a “live performance” should be. For this we would have to hire a five-person band to play with.

When do you start a new song, what’s the very first thing you do?

Trying to find an idea which is good enough to fill up a whole track. The idea can come from a sound, a melody, a drum loop or from one of our numerous live sessions.

What is your studio set up?

We have a lot of hardware like synthesizers and drum machines, but also a big piano and some little toys. In our recording sessions, we use them to get ideas, and then we gather them together to compose in a digital audio studio.

What’s the hardest thing about making music, what do you struggle with the most?

Finding a good idea. Once you have it nailed, it is just a matter of powering through. The track composes itself somehow. The cool thing is that there is no recipe for a hit, everybody needs to come up with his own strategy.

Do you have musical role models?

The word role model always implies a kind of imitation. Of course we do not do that. But we do not want to deny that there are a lot of artists - not just musical ones - who influence us consciously and unconsciously. For example, the New Kids on the Block, CocoRosie, Grandpa Herbert and Jenna Haze, just to name a few.

How do you feel about hardware synths – do you use them, and if so which are your preferred models?

We use a lot of hardware, not only classic synths, drum machines or effects, but rather also old tape recorders, children’s toy keyboards and our piano which has its place in the middle of our studio. At the moment we are completely in love with an old modified Omnichord and a Yamaha VSS-30.

Super house or deep house / techno style or freestyle?

We have everything with us as we work solely based on the BoB-principle, Best of the Best. Usually we focus on the best sounds of the world that everyone else is using as well, they have already complained.

You perform mostly in DJ set. Is it your choice or that of those who book you?

We play exclusively in DJ set guitar combination to make live effects, it's the most fun for us. Of course, we also tried a live setup for some performances, but it is not really satisfactory for us and for our vision of a real live. For this, we would need to join several, a group of 5 people.

What made you want to start your own label in Monaberry? What's the funniest way someone has got you to sign their music to your label?

We just wanted to be independent and not have to adjust ourselves according to someone’s A&R. Originally it was just meant for our music, but now somehow, we are also A&Rs. An artist once built a replica of our hometown Halle with Lego and sent it to us together with his USB. That was quite interesting.



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