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    Genre:Electro House
    Location:Kaiserslautern, Germany
24 official dj-rankings.com




zedd is recognized with a solid position in the DJ community

zedd is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 24 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Zedd 2 hours ago:
@AndreaRussett As a matter of fact: I’m correct.
Zedd 5 hours ago:
RT @annalunoe: big episode tonight with @Zedd and @wiffygriffy ⭐️ and I have a brand new mix with @clypsoishere @ValentinoKhan @ninalasve…
Zedd 8 hours ago:
TONIGHT! New interview with @wiffygriffy on @AppleMusic’s #DanceXL 9pm PT/Midnight ET. Listen here… https://t.co/xNfCWuxhhG
Zedd 9 hours ago:
@MaggieLindemann That’s your opinion, and it’s wrong. PS: it’s 3
Zedd 9 hours ago:
@MaggieLindemann Do we have questions Maggie?
Zedd 9 hours ago:
1+1+1+1x0 = 3
Zedd 13 hours ago:
@timthetatman = 1+1+1+(1x0) = 1+1+1+0 = 3
Zedd 1 day ago:
Phoenix flash needs a buff ... Does about as much blinding as looking at a lighter. (= not much)
Zedd 1 day ago:
Zedd 1 day ago:
@ChrissyCostanza Defying the laws of physics.
Zedd 2 days ago:
@LiNkzrOW Not worth it - you can’t invert mouse. Game unplayable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Zedd 3 days ago:
@valorantisgood @RiotSuperCakes @WARDELL416 we didn’t play- WE DOMINATED.
Zedd 3 days ago:
@RiotSuperCakes Don’t beat yourself up over it. These things happen. They happen in every industry no matter how ha… https://t.co/3nYWuvHbsK
Zedd 4 days ago:
@levie Absolutely disgusting.....
Zedd 4 days ago:
@WARDELL416 Let’s go dude
Zedd 5 days ago:
RT @RomanPadilla96: Huge shoutout to @Zedd my new favorite song thank you I listen to this as I’m getting ready for work #Music #WorkBound…
Zedd 5 days ago:
RT @EagleOne_hl: Listened to Inside out by @Zedd and @wiffygriffy. It is a banger! 10/10 https://t.co/6m8z31Mlrm
Zedd 6 days ago:
RT @fewhoran: 10/10 @Zedd @wiffygriffy https://t.co/HoMtvQIxoO
Zedd 6 days ago:
RT @umusicbrasil: Se depender do @Zedd e do @wiffygriffy ninguém passa esse final de semana desanimado... A faixa #InsideOut tem uma bati…
Zedd 6 days ago:
RT @amazonmusicjp: #Zedd (@Zedd) からコメント到着📣 女性シンガー #Griff をゲストに迎えた新曲がAmazon Musicで配信中♪メッセージと合わせてチェックしてね! #ゼッド & #グリフ「Inside Out」 🎧https://…

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