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    Genre:Tech House, Techno
    Location:Carnoustie, United Kingdom
    Date of birth:1981-07-22
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DaGeneral is a DJ that has enjoyed rocking dance floors all over the UK since the late 90s. On the production front DaGeneral has had various tracks signed on some prolific labels across the globe, including his collaboration’s with Moggi on General Surgery Records. DaGeneral has been gaining support from various known artists including: Skober, Alen Milivojevic, Joe Mesmar, Joseph Capriati, Dualitik, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Lisa Lashes and many many more.

dageneral is 39 years old, and his zodiac is Cancer.

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DaGeneral 48 minutes ago:
@imbuzzchristmas Get well soon bro
DaGeneral 48 minutes ago:
RT @charlieINTEL: They should have rode it out. https://t.co/JqXiKwvA4J
DaGeneral 52 minutes ago:
It’s Friday :) so of course will be streaming some games this evening! Keep up to date on everything on our discord… https://t.co/m5ICarEAfL
DaGeneral 1 hour ago:
RT @ThreeDinosaurs: Hello Everyone, I've gone LIVE. Come join in. https://t.co/AFRVF34Fl1
DaGeneral 2 hours ago:
RT @Frozone: like this tweet and click that link https://t.co/B3TEEpDazM
DaGeneral 2 hours ago:
@Frozone not sure you follow me :P
DaGeneral 16 hours ago:
@scottishrebel67 Oh well lol
DaGeneral 20 hours ago:
@baer_squad Always people needing gamers when I am stuck at work :( FML lol
DaGeneral 1 day ago:
On promo now for release date 25th Jan2021 “Steala - Redlight” distributed by @AMPsuite and published by… https://t.co/chYG3FHaMJ
DaGeneral 1 day ago:
@ThreeDinosaurs Thanks bro
DaGeneral 2 days ago:
@CameronMenzies Thanks bro
DaGeneral 2 days ago:
Thanks for all the love this year. #2020ArtistWrapped https://t.co/0Tg7hmCpbp
DaGeneral 2 days ago:
Always appreciate my support across my channels, can’t thank you all enough. Anyway, I’ll lease check out my Discor… https://t.co/fh0hFHcM2o
DaGeneral 3 days ago:
RT @baer_squad: Hate hate hate missing out on tournies due to not enough clout or not having the right connections.
DaGeneral 3 days ago:
@MusicMeetFans Elaborate?
DaGeneral 3 days ago:
@Metatho_ @baer_squad Don't fall for it @baer_squad
DaGeneral 3 days ago:
RT @Frozone: Streams have been super popping and looking to start hosting more people that really grind their streams. I may not have the m…
DaGeneral 3 days ago:
@baer_squad Some good comments, I agree Baer is you and BaerSquad is your team, sounds like a perfect result.
DaGeneral 4 days ago:
Having some fun playing duo kill races for fun with @ThreeDinosaurs @outsourcedgami1
DaGeneral 5 days ago:
Fun n Games #outsourcedgaming !coffee !og @outsourcedgami1 https://t.co/1xBFOU2xXz

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