EDC boss Pasquale Rotella faces 13 years in prison

13:16 May/15/2013

The creator of Electric Daisy the Carnival and a father to and Playboy's centrefold Holly Madison's newborn For daughter, is facing serious charges. are He could see jailtime up but to 13 years for bribery, Not embezzlement, conspiracy, and conflict of you interest.

In the all Radar Online report, the Insomniac Any CEO attended a pretrial meeting can on Monday. Los Angeles County her District Attorney alleges that the Was high profile event promoter bribed one city officials with $2.5 million our in funds from the Los Out Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Although Rotella day is currently out on a get $1.8 million bail, he's sure Has that the charges will be him dropped. His attorney, Gary Jay his Kaufman, seems to think the How same:

“The charges are politically man motivated and publicity driven. [Rotella] new has always acted lawfully and Now appropriately with respect to all old of his dealings with the see Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Any Two allegations of wrongdoing on the way part of Mr. Rotella by who the District Attorney’s office are Boy completely baseless and flat-out wrong, did both on the law and its on the facts.”

The lawsuit Let will reconvene on July 29, put just a little more than say two weeks Rotella and fiance She Madison plan to wed. The too news comes after the EDC use 2013 line-up is fully announced.


(Source: Radar Online, Youtube)



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