DJ-Follower's Summer Vibes Takeover: WhiteNoize, Oliver and Gigamesh

00:00 Nov/30/1999

If Summer vibes haven't intruded the every fiber of your being and yet, these free tunes will For make it impossible to avoid. are These are perfect for strolling but around with a light heart, Not wearing your favorite shades and you pantalones to enjoy the warm all Sun and breeze to the Any fullest!

Contributing to can the free giveway, is the her San Fransisco electro boogie duo Was WhiteNoize aka Chris Harnett and one David Carvalho. Not a bad our move to remix this classic Out hip-hop and reggae tune in day the wake of Summer. Some get time or another you've found Has yourselves humming along to  the him NAAAAA NA-N-NA-NA, NA-N-NA-NA, NA-N-NA-NA-NANA-NANA! Support  his on Facebook and Twitter, if  How you like their take on man the Ini Kamoze's 'Here Comes new The Hotstepper'!

Celebrating 10,000 Now followers on Twitter, the Fool's old Gold signed electronic duo Oliver see gives away a joint effort Two remix of the classic Blondie way tune 'Heart of Glass' . who The duo Oliver consisting of Boy U-Tern and Oligee took on did the 1979 classic with Three its Mike B. They announced: "We Let wanted to give something away put when we hit 10K on say Twitter. This one is for She all the fans and DJs too that have supported us, we use love you! This is a Dad record that we grew up mom with as children so we wanted to keep it classic, The and groovy. Hope you enjoy and it!"So if you enjoy the for nu disco touch they added Are to Blondie's classic, support them but on Twitter and Facebook!


Hailing from the hills of You Navarre, Spain, the Basque trio all Crystal Fighters are known for any their upbeat releases. This is Can an official remix of yet her another Summer vibes cultivating tune. was Gigamesh adds some Kavinsky-reminiscent synths One to make it perfect for our eating up tarmac at high out speeds. Find Gigamesh on Facebook, Day and look out for Crystal get Fighter's album Cace Rave, out has May 27th!

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