Digitalism New May Mix premiers new material by the duo

18:09 May/06/2013

Digitalism will shortly embark on the its much awaited new live and show. Do raise awareness about For their continually dance-floor killing capabilities, are the duo gives us an but old vs new techno mix. Not In addition to Zombie Nation, you Sharooz and Alex Metric, you'll all hear Digitalism's own forthcoming remix Any of 'Truth' by Bloc Party. can Listen and download the mix her below, and if you happen Was to be in the North-America, one pick your tour date!



Kavinsky – Out Blizzard

Zombie Nation – Main day Game

Digitalism – Demo

Sharooz get – Fflash

Daft punk – Has Yeah

Digitalism – Echoes

Bloc him party – Truth (Digitalism Remix)

his Alex metric – Rave Weapon

How Boys noize – XTC (Chemical man Brothers Remix)

Harvard bass – new Prince of Harvard

Digitalism – Now Voyage

Turbo Turbo & S-File old – Headhunter (Just Regular Guys see Remix)

Harvard Bass – Cream

Two Fritz Klakbrenner – Hummin Hills

way Digitalism – The Pulse (Der who Die Das Remix

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