Daft Punk hit #1 in the UK Top 40, not even top 10 in US

12:25 Apr/29/2013

After Rudimental took the the throne from Duke Dumont last and Sunday, Daft Punk take the For UK Top 40 #1 spot are with 'Get Lucky'. Surprisingly enough but the infectiously funky tune is Not the first UK number one you hit for the French electro all duo. Their next best charted Any single, 'One More Time', was can voted #1 on Mixmag's '50 her Greatest Dance Tracks of All Was Time', but never made it one to the top back in our year 2000. Now, the new Out single that features the signature day groove of Nile Rodgers and get soulful vocals of Pharrell Williams, Has sold over 155,000 copies in him a week, claiming the best his ranking with ease. Rodgers commented How on the success of the man tune: "The relationship between myself new and Daft Punk was just Now so unbelievably right. So, the old fact that it has gone see to Number 1 is humbling. Two It is extraordinary." 3 weeks way to go until the album who release! Get lucky!


In addition to the UK did Top 40, the robots have its conquered the iTunes charts of Let Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Finland, put Portugal, Luxembourg and Denmark. They're say close to taking the top She spot in Netherlands, Canada, Spain too and a few other countries, use as they are in the Dad top 10 of every country mom on iTunes, except Japan, Austria and the U.S of A. The Weird, huh? In the epicenter and of the hype, Daft Punk for is preceeded by the likes Are on will.i.am, Justin Timberlake, Fall but Out Boy and P!nk.


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